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Do you think there will be a new dedicated handheld?

Yes 39 22.81%
No 118 69.01%
See Results 14 8.19%

With the Switch off to a great start and likely stealing sales from the 3DS family of systems, it's time to start asking ourselves what we'd like to see from a dedicated handheld from Nintendo in the future.  Certainly it's a possibility that there won't be one, given the handheld nature of the Switch, but for hypothetical purposes how would you design the next system?  And would you buy it?  And if so...at what price point.

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I call mine the Nintendo Switch.

The next reiteration of the Switch to come in less than two years.

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Ok, ok.
So it's a high definition handheld... that's a tablet! And the tablet has these 2 detachable controllers on the side than can act as a Wii Mote and Nunchuk and one of them as a classic styled NES/SNES controller. It also has a docking station that you can hook up to the TV, and when you put it inside the docking station, the game switches *winkwinknudgenudge* from the screen on the tablet to your TV and you can play it like it's a console!

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it's been done.

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Take Switch.

Die Shrink to 14nm.

Shave off black bezels.


Nintendo Switch Lite then ?

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The ideal scenario is just for Nintendo to release a Switch Mini next year using Tegra X2 instead of Tegra X1, that would lower power usage enough to shrink the system to a pocket friendly size, while maintaining or even slightly improving on the original Switch's battery life. 

However, if they do decide to release a new dedicated handheld, I would say make it a proper 3DS successor; pocket sized, dual 720p screens, a mobile chipset that's at least 75% as powerful as Switch in handheld mode but has considerably lower power usage (allowing for at least double the battery life of Switch).

Soundwave said:
Take Switch.

Die Shrink to 14nm.

Shave off black bezels.


I feel like you are communicating with us in German here.




I think, unless they like the shell to protect the device from kid abuse, that they will just make a Switch 2 later on.

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