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I'm more interested in...

Yoshi! 106 44.73%
Kirby! 108 45.57%
Neither 23 9.70%

This E3 saw the reveal of both a new Yoshi game and a new Kirby game.

Which are you looking forward to more, and why?

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Yoshi is a very relaxing game. That and Animal Crossing have always been personal favorites.

Never did really get into Kirby but I may give this one a shot. That being said, Yoshi is far more appealing to me.

Yoshi are cuter for me so...

Besides Kirby games are too easy lately.

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Kirby for me. Feels way too early for another Yoshi game, and it looks pretty similar to Wooly World too (For me, at least). To be fair, I thought Kirby was pretty early too, but in this case it's because Kirby is usually a mid-to-end generation game, it genuinely surprised me that there's already one being made. 

I'm gonna' have to say Kirby, after recently playing Tearaway Unfolded, the art style really reminds me of it, paperworks and stuff... it's basically what I'd imagine Yoshi would look like if MediaMolecule made a game, lol :P

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I guess Kirby, but I'm not really too familiar with either franchise. However, I'd say that I'm more inclined to go for Kirby, but I have no idea why, maybe because it seems a bit more intriguing?

Kirby for me. I'm a sucker for anything kirby. I love the atmosphere of the games, the music, the 4 player co op, and the game is gorgeous. While both games can be seen as kids games, the Yoshi think more people would make fun of me for playing that than Kirby XD