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Bandai Namco is bringing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 to Switch a few months from now. But at E3, the company announced Dragon Ball FighterZ which is currently not planned for the system. Depending on fan interest, that could change.

French site Game Blog spoke with Dragon Ball FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki. Despite what some may say, the game not being on Switch isn’t a matter of the system’s technical specs or lack of power. Hiroki added that there hasn’t been any trouble porting over Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

It isn’t clear why Bandai Namco and developer Arc System Works skipped on Switch for Dragon Ball FighterZ. However, Hiroki did say that if fans show their interest, they could bring it over. Hiroki did caution that Dragon Ball FighterZ may not come to Switch the same time as other versions, but they’re open to considering it.




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Thanks Matthew!

Good to know. Seemed odd to get one DBZ game, but not another.

onionberry said:
Thanks Matthew!

LOL, i dont noticed this, i'll edit :P


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Ah, knew it.

''But muh particle effects'' ''Too much stuff on the screen''

Definitely interested to pick this up if the game gets a port on the Switch.

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Id buy it on switch. not on xbox one.

Its simply due to due things:The slight fear of the system having a small install base and thus not making enough money, and that Xenoverse 2 is still comming to the Switch and such announcement could kill the sales of that game.

Personally I think its more due to the second reason, but I can see the first one playing some part on it

When will people admit business is more important than technical specs? If 3DS can run Switch Wii U titles, then Switch can run anything on PS4 and XBOX One (obviously downgraded but 3DS runs games obviously downgraded). Business is the only thing that prevents titles from coming to certain consoles. End of story.

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Yeah that was obvious to me. The thing is, I almost swore up and down I saw the Switch logo during the presentation. Perhaps it was my subconsciousness that added it in there on the fly.

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So, it's a wait and see approach, then. I assume if Xenoverse 2 does well enough that this will be released, too.

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