Do you like Fall Out Boy?

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Do you like Fall Out Boy?

Yes 30 60.00%
No 20 40.00%

Much like the Nickelback poll, I'm curious as to what everyone's thoughts on FOB are.

I do happen to like a few of their songs, namely: Sugar We're Goin' Down, I Don't Care, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs and My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up). Indifferent on the rest. 

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I have My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark and Centuries in my Spotify playlist, so sure, I like them.

I like them.

I think they suffer a lot in the lyrical department, but as a sound, I think they are fine.

I do, but their newest stuff is getting too far from rock music, so I don't really like it. Their newest single is especially awful.

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They were very good when they were pop punk, "Take this to your grave" is one of my favorite albums of all time

I hate what they do now though

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A few of their older songs, that's it.

I don't really listen to them at all, so I can't say to be honest. I only remember that one song that was in the first Rock Band game, and even then I don't remember the title of that song!!


Well because of them we have one of the best misheard lyrics videos on Youtube so yeah I kinda like them.

Yeah they are okay for pop music. Much better then most of the others.