Uncharted 4 & Horizon ZD look so mind blowingly great they have spoiled games for me.

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Horizon and uncharted feel like 9th gen games...

Yes, absolutely. 280 39.60%
Kinda but not that much. 123 17.40%
Nah, 8th gen. 212 29.99%
I haven't played either of them... 92 13.01%
KBG29 said:

I can't really recall a time where graphics have spoiled other games for me. Games like Horizon and Uncharted are a great combonation of industry leading graphics tech, fine tuned fun gameplay, and great story telling. They are definitly a sight to see as they set the bar, but if they didn't have great gameplay, and fun leveldesign/gameplay they would not stand the test of time. 


Serious question, where did this idea that these games have good stories come from. WHERE?!!?!

Seriously, Horizon Zero Dawn's story was dogshit! The game is good but I don't understand why people are acting like it was great from a story perspective. It's almost like people just assume any game developed under Sony will have a great story and don't give it a second thought. 

Even the Uncharted games don't really have good stories, I mean 4 was a definite step in the right direction(from what I played) but they're not consistently good story wise. They just have fun characters that are pretty detached from the stories usually. 

I wouldn't even say the gameplay of Horizon is fine tuned. The game is too detailed for it's own good, there's so many times where you have a problem playing the game effectively because the movement delay + environments filled with so much trees and rocks can make it hard to fight enemies, which is why Monster Hunter always has open environments. This isn't helped by the fact that almost all enemies in the game that are even remotely difficult have area of effect attacks ... THAT ARE RANGED! There's fucking crocodiles with ranged attacks! Why? That's not only boring as hell(except for the T-Rex variant) but it's just annoying. It has great gameplay but there are definite improvements that could be made.

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I have them both and they are impressive alright. Gorgeous games. Yet that doesn't stopt me the least from enjoying the beauty of Botw, technically "inferior" and running in least powerful systems. Actually, I spend lots of time in photo mode.

Actually they look more like how I expected 8th gen games to look in the first place. The graphical upgrade was so minor in the beginning of the gen, a jump like UC4 or Horizon is what it should have been.