Am i the only one not impressed by Anthem? Looks meh.

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Looks like beautiful blandness and generic.

But war... war never changes

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jason1637 said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Anthem was probably the best thing we saw at E3. So if you didn't enjoy that then I don't dunno.

Unless you're a Nintendo fan, then you want Mario.

I thought AC Origins looked a lot better graphics and gameplay wise.

AC Origins looks another AC. It looks stunning in the trailer, but actual gameplay I saw on DF seemed was less impressive. Although the X1X will add more polish.

In regard to gameplay, it still looks very much the same and so did the animations. So its not going to be a big departure.

I like AC so I will play the new one. But I was more impressed by Anthem's visuals and the gameplay looked impressive for the action shooter genre.

I don't get hyped for game that aren't established IPs already because they can often be disappointing. But Anthem seems like that new AAA IP people often ask for.

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look awesome, like what Destiny lol should have been.

I am going to wait for reviews before being interested in this

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Looked pretty amazing. It is going to 2019 game, so a long way to go.

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I think it LOOKS good in terms of aesthetics but I am concerned about the Gameplay. what is this massive obsession with players and developers lately for mass multiplayer online games?

I would much prefer a game in an Anthem like world with a heavy focus on storytelling and single player gameplay. 

as far as I'm concerned, playing something like this always basically requiring to logon with friends makes it vastly harder to get absorbed in the games because pals will bring up random shit and take you out of the experience. I don't know. I don't get this 'Destiny' esque obsession these days. I'm not feeling it. Disappointing to me considering Bioware does nothing like they used to anymore 

If these companies would just put some of that graphic innovation into a game concept that breaks new ground in fun gameplay design then perhaps the industry would be more vibrant. Gamers might want graphics improvements but they also want uniqueness and brand new experiences. Had the Switch not entered the the fray with its freedom, unique Zelda and Mario experiences, Arms, Splatoon, fire for old school resurgence, etc, I doubt the industry would have existed much longer.

green_sky said:
Looked pretty amazing. It is going to 2019 game, so a long way to go.

Wasn't it announced for 2018? I mean sure, it may be delayed, but no reason to think it will just yet.

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Pretty sure DAI was the last great Bioware game. Ten years from now we'll look back and pine for a game in the vein of classics like KotOR, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age.

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While technically impressive, the art style just looks so bland. It's the equivalent of last gen's generic brown military shooter, this gen's more about scifi and Anthem looks like a generic scifi game checking all the boxes. Destiny has inferior graphics but it has much better art style, it's distinct and recognizable. Anthem looks unmemorable, a by the numbers game. Just see how cliche the teaser trailer is, "the story doesnt end here, it's just the beginning".

Now Beyond Good and Evil 2, is the scifi game I hope becomes the next Destiny.