Will we get a Nintendo "experience" Show this year?

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Hey guys. Do you think we will get a Sony Experience like conference from Nintendo this year or early 2018?

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No, we're only going to get Nintendo Directs.

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I'm unfamiliar with the sony experience conferences? But Nintendo does Directs at least 3-6 times a year so im happy with that.

No, that's what Nintendo Directs all throughout the year are for.

Nintendo Experience ?

Oh, I've never thought about that.

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Nintendo's version of the PSX is all the number of Nintendo Directs released throughout the year.

Nintendo used to have something like the PSX called the 'Nintendo Space World' but the most recent one was back in 2001.

Thats the job of the Directs.

And if they need to get the media to try their games, they will just do like ARMS.Rent a small place and promote the game(s)

I think the Nintendo Directs are pretty much the equivalent to that and have been for a while, the only difference being that instead of one longer whole show they have several split up directs throughout the year.

The next big Directs will be in both August and October if I go by my educated guess.

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