Will we see MS buying Nintendo in the Future?

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SuperNova said:

This! Reapeatedly! Very Loudly!

Love the product, not the company. They love your money, not you.


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Let's flip the question around:

Why would Microsoft, a PC gaming and software company, want to buy Nintendo, a console gaming company? The scenario people probably like to imagine is Xbox domination of the console space, but actually, I think Microsoft is A-OK with leaving the console space and focusing on PC, and it would work well for them.

Buying Nintendo would probably go very badly. Maybe if Microsoft bought Nintendo and left them alone except to port all of the big MS games to the consoles (Minecaft, Forza, Halo, etc.) but acquisitions like Nokia and Rare suggest that scenario is highly unlikely. Even leaving Nintendo relatively alone...I think the culture clash between Microsoft and Nintendo would be incredible.