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for anyone on the fence about buying it given the Switchs other main attempt at a sim racing game (gear club unlimited 1+2) I have to say, the Grid Autosport game is absolutely leagues ahead of those 2 titles on the Switch, it's like a game on a next gen machine when looking at the 2 side by side and playing them is just another level of control, codemasters done great.

In terms of size / graphics options too they done well, the base game is 6.8GB and contains all the tracks/cars/music but there is an additional download you can get if you want for 2.8GB of higher resolution models for the cars which is recommended for us on TV play but okay to ignore for handheld, the game has 3 different graphics settings as well, in docked mode there is 2 - Performance and Quality, it's basically a choice between 60fps or 30fps with extra lighting and 3d crowd effects, for me 60fps feels so much better in a driving game but I will say I've used the 30fps mode in a few races that were slower because it does look really nice. In handheld those 2 modes are there, but they've added a 3rd mode of battery saving which uses the lower quality graphics options and also limits the game down to the 30fps mode so to provide max battery life while traveling or so.

Like I said... Gearclub felt like a mobile phone game stuck on the Switch (because it was) this Grid actually feels like it got a lot of love in making the Switch version feature complete.... that said it's just single player right now with the multiplayer still in the works soon to be added as a free download, but I love racing games solo mode so for me that made zero impact but consider it yourselves if multiplayer is what you enjoy most in racing games.

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Transistor (digital)

It's 80% off right now on the European eShop, a real steal!

Persian Nights: Sands of Wonder (digital) when it was 90% off.

Dragon quest 2, 3 and 11

Just picked up DQ Builders 2

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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Transistor (digital)

It's 80% off right now on the European eShop, a real steal!

That one looked interesting, but I have a pending physical order coming. Not until next month though.