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Who won?

Microsoft 244 8.59%
Nintendo 1,837 64.64%
Sony 761 26.78%

Nintendo won E3. People thought Monster Hunter World was the highlight of Sony, then found out it was multi-platform. Lol

Microsoft and Sony announcements was good. Nintendo has the games I want though.

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Bethesda. Everyone else automatically loses for daring to participate and stand in the presence of God Howard...

Of the big three? Nintendo, because God Howard gave them his blessing...

It was Britain, it is America, tomorrow France and next year, the world... 

Warning: This poster has a very negative opinion of Sony and Nintendo, Idea Factory and companies Tecmo Koei, EA, BioWare, Blizzard, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Kadokawa and Sega. If you have very positive views of these and a negative view of Microsoft or Bethesda Game Studios, AVOID ENGAGEMENT AT ALL COSTS! 

    Well depend on the taste for me :

    Sony 4 games > Nintendo 2 games > PC 1 game = Ubisoft 1 games, and this is for me.

    Qwark said:
    Tmfwang said:

    With what?

    The last if us part 2 comes to mind and the year before that death stranding.

    Both with a trailer.

    Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:


    Nintendo won E3 very easy imo. So much new gameplay and new games .

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    mountaindewslave said:
    IsawYoshi said:
    Nintendo, but they didn't impress. Halfway in I was feeling all the good vibes, but after the conference I'm not so sure. Xenoblade 2017, pokemon versions for switch and metroid 4 is amazing. But no footage of those two. Still very much excited, but it would be 10 times better if we got to see it. The mario trailer was fantastic, at the same time, for a second I thought we were getting a dinasaur game from nintendo, something that I've been hoping for.

    Too much time spent on zelda and nothing really from third party. Where's netflix, where's hbo and so on? Kirby and yoshi really isn't interesting at all.

    So yeah, actually not all that happy about nintendos event, compared to my hopes and expectations. Still prefer it to the others though. Ubisoft was the most surprising though, I'll give them that!

    Yoshi is literally in your username yet you're talking smack about the guy.

    and as far as third parties go I actually think Nintendo has clearly been working kind of hard. Rocket League, Fifa, Skyrim all coming this Fall is not that poor even if they are just ports. Those are popular games. 

    I don't care a huge amount about the Netflix app but Nintendo not having updated an internet browser onto the Switch UI yet is pretty insane 

    My username is more of a nod to the fact that I use yoshi in smash and a trailer for MGS some years ago. :P Never cared for the yoshi games. 


    I wouldn't call that working hard. That's three popular games, skyrim being a port of a port. Xbox and PS are getting tonnes of popular games, nintendo needs more multiplats, or more exclusives from third parties (or themselves to fill  in the gaps). I'm getting all three of those and I'm glad they're coming to the switch, but it's simply not enough. More diversity is needed. Is there even going to be a shooter this year? The lack of diversity is showing, and it will hurt switch sales. 


    If you don't use netflix then it of course is irrelevant. My point was that the switch in general lacks options outside of gaming. Many will want to have those. Some, like me would like netflix. When the new GoT season comes out many will want HBO on the thing. An internet browser is something many probably would like to see. And so much more. It's a homeconsole, but it's also a tablet. Nintendo should utilize this more. 

    Do you guys think Sony would win if they announce The Legend of Dragoon 2 just by words and that it is coming out in 2-3 years?

    I'm telling you, everything in E3 was lame. PSX 2017 is where it is at.

    I change my mind. Nintendo won E3. Treehouse nad tournaments have done the job :D

    To me it was easily Nintendo. The only new things that Sony announced that got my attention was Shadow of the Colossus remake and the Uncharted spin-off. Nintendo on the other hand fired the big guns announcing Metroid 4 being in the works, Pokemon for Switch in the works, a Metroid remake on 3DS, and a new Kirby game.

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    Neodegenerate said:
    oniyide said:
    this E3 sucked, but Ninty got it. Sony was too safe and MS was being MS

    I am genuinely curious how Sony was too safe while Nintendo won when Nintendo was only showing off and talking about the next games in their established IP lines while Sony had new IP on display as well as their established lines?

    what was the new IP? I might've missed something, God of War looked better than it was, Spidey as well, but we knew about those already.