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Who won?

Microsoft 244 8.59%
Nintendo 1,837 64.64%
Sony 761 26.78%
celador said:
Nintendo won in a poor year

That sums up my perspective also.

We're definitely on the same page today :)

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They real revealed a new 3D mario. Insta-win amiright!?

In all seriousness Mario + Rabbids, AC: Origins, Skull and Bones, and Beyond Good Evil 2 is pretty stellar array of games.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

Smoke everywhere... never tough nintendo doing that kind of a announce, but.. Spiderman and Mario oddesey the best of e3...

In Sony We Trust!


Microsoft easily, As a PS gamer with Nintendo routes I have no bias when saying that MS won by a long shot. Sony's conference was more or less a nintendo direct and Nintendo's conference was just a tease. I can't see why the poll is in favour of Nintendo at 60% unless it's just fans lying to themselves.



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Nintendo needed MS and Sony to have a bad year in order to win lol. People are complaining about the lack of new IPs for MS and Sony but are going nuts over a new Pokémon and Metroid lol.


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For me no-one won or lost. They all had amazing games to announce, except for Microsoft, but all the conferences were meh.

But in terms of new games and quality, I would put it this way:

1. Sony: God of War, Spiderman, Detroit Become Human & Hidden Agenda (don't care about Days Gone)
2. Bethesda: Doom VR, Wolfenstein II & Evil Within 2.
3. Nintendo: Super Mario Odyssey & Xenoblade Chronicles 2
4. EA: Battlefront II & Anthem
5. Ubisoft: The Crew & Beyond Good & Evil 2 (don't care about FarCry or AssCreed)

This is why I can't take Nintendo fans seriously, they didn't show anything at all but somehow EASILY won e3

I agree it's Nintendo, but I feel like you would have voted them no matter what, given your sig lol

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leyendax69 said:
This is why I can't take Nintendo fans seriously, they didn't show anything at all but somehow EASILY won e3

So are you taking the non-Nintendo fans that are saying Nintendo won seriously or you just mad?

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