Xbox could stage a comeback one way only..

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Wait you realize, Office is a huge money spinner for MS. It earns more money than Windows does and you want them to give it away for nothing! Good luck getting the Board to approve that

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They would have entered the PC manufacturer market decades ago if they truly wanted to do that.

i feel like this is one of those ideas that sounds good on paper but needs to have absolutely perfect execution to have a chance.

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"Maybe even package a monitor keyboard and mouse."

XB1 should be able to fit into a laptop form factor by now shouldn't it?

Wouldn't an MS Office app on the console do the same job?

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This is a shit idea. In this case it's not an Xbox anymore but a PC. I already have multiple PCs, I don't need another one.

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But they won't. They will do what they always do and double down in their safe zone of Halo/NFL/Gears/Forza. They don't get it at all.