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Your thoughts?

TOO HIGH! 544 73.91%
Is actually a decent price 131 17.80%
For 4k gaming? Steal 61 8.29%
pokoko said:
The price is fine. It's supposed to be the Lexus in the line-up, not the Toyota. It's for those who don't mind paying a "premium price" for a luxury product. It was never intended to out-sell the base model.

Honestly, if they just made another console at the same level as the PS4 Pro, it would be an empty gesture. No one would leave the Playstation ecosystem for a side-grade. With this, though, they might pull away a few gamers who value resolution and "power" above everything else.

That brings up an interesting point, but it's not necessarily a great thing for Xbox.

PS4P is enough to run games at upscaled 4K @ 30FPS outside of special situations like racing games and other lightweight stuff.

X1X is enough to run at native 4K @ 30FPS outside of the same special situations.

However, X1X as well as PS4P are hobbled by fairly awful Jaguar CPUs, which will continue the heavy low-FPS in major stuff like Destiny, Wildlands, Shadow of War, almost certainly RDR2, etc.

So the 'power' gamers would be more likely to just go to PC and play at 60FPS+ right?

In that way, a hypothetical $599 X1X that used a Ryzen CPU but otherwise identical, good enough for 4K/60 in basically everything, might have actually been a better move. A slightly better 4K vs. upscaled 4K box is not a real game-changer. At all. When the flood of 4K/30 stuff keeps piling in, it doesn't seem all thaht exciting in the big picture. I'd rather have 1080/60 to be honest if given the choice, but that's not an option because of CPU limitations in many major titles. Small scale FPS and racing along with indies seem to dominate the 60fps spectrum on PS/XB :/

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Considering how advanced the hardware seems to be the price is quite good.

For tecnology alone it is a far better deal than the Nintendo Switch.

It is now up to Microsoft to market the hell out it, not only with new games but old ones at 4k. better FPS and loading time.

499 dollars are a joke. And no "xbox one exclusive-game" looks like Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 or the new God of War on the microsoft-press conferenz. So..why .. 4k and a new xbox-upgrade? It makes no sense. Microsoft might just want to make a lot of money, i think. 499 dollars ... really ?!

i vote for "tooo high".

I guess being able to afford this, makes me somewhat rich. 😀


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Day 1 for me. 4k at $499 plus 3 consoles in one due to BC. Decent buy.

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Exactly as expected, came to call it doa but damb you guys are all doing it, lol.

So... I'm the only one buying it then???

The price is right where I expected. This is a premium device in the Xbox brand of the Windows ecosystem. It does not have to sell well because the cost of R&D and development is spread through the entire company, thanks to Microsofts new business stratagy. Due to great business stratagy, the XOX should still cut a profit for Microsoft even if it only ever moves 3 - 5 Million units.

The XBOS, Surface devices, and other Windows based hardware are what gives Microsoft its mass market reach, this is built for the hardcore gamer, and shows a growing respect for gaming hardware, which I absolutely applaud.

Audio equipment, video equipment, displays, speakers, when it comes to electronics and media, every other sector has had respectable, unnecessary high end equipment for decades. I could not be happier, that we are finally getting the option to buy high end consoles.

I will be buying an XBX, and I hope that it and the PS4 Pro lead to a future where I can buy a $1,000+ consoles to hook up to my $10K TV, $3K Reciever, and $5K worth the spearkers, and get the absolute best expereince possible.

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Kerotan said:
DAO as others have said.

The crazy thing is Sony could sell the Pro for $200 less but after them not announcing a competitive price I think they'll only cut the Pro to $349 now. $299 is overkill and they can save that till next year.

no thanks for a checkerboard 4K

if i was into xbox games and didn't have a PC, i would buy it... hope that in the next gen, we could have a premium console worthy of that name... but out at the same time the "normal" one comes out...

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