Xbox One X will launch for $499

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Your thoughts?

TOO HIGH! 544 73.91%
Is actually a decent price 131 17.80%
For 4k gaming? Steal 61 8.29%

499$ was expected, but that was the point where I knew that MS wont gain any ground over Sony, not even the US. Also the retail exclusives for this Q4 seems a bit bare as well. I am now really curious if Sony will leave the PS4 in auto-pilot or go all-out tomorrow.

The machine looks awesome, but that ammount of money for a mid-gen upgrade 4 years into the console cycle is way to much.

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Chazore said:
Captain_Yuri said:
A great man once said... #Skip and that is exactly what I will be doing

Considering that you just footed for a new rig and the cost of a slightly lesser micro atx box, I'd say the skip is in the cards

500 is pretty expensive though.

Yea but the thing with PC is that the enhancements comes regardless of needing a lot of developer support. What I mean by that is that I can go back to fairly old games and run them at say 4k or 1440p. Where as with consoles, it is all over the place, at least with ps4 pro so far. With the One X, it is more standard like with super sampling and AF but even then, will all games get ultra quality enhancements or is it just xbox one graphics settings at 4k and just basic enhancements at 1080p?

Leaving it up to developers is what makes the price really urghhh worthy cause what we saw with the pro is that the developers really didn't put much effort and that includes Sony's own developers. At least with PC, I know exactly what I will be getting.


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This isn't for the mass consumer. Phil said last year in an interview that the vast majority of sales will come from the S model. This is for the hardcore ppl who value specs above anything else.

Not that it would make a huge difference but for $499 it should have used 14nm chips instead of 16nm chips well at least its even smaller then the X1 S.

Too expensive... and not 1 good reason why I should get a xbox was given (imo).

I think this will mostly sell to those that already own Xbox One's.
Dont think this will effect PS4 sales at all tbh.

Makes me laugh thinking about all those "PS4 ponys are scared, Scorpio is comeing!" ect type of posts.
Lmao and all those twitter people with M's in their name.

Think it ends up selling less than the PS4pro.

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That's too high but that's the price that we all knew it would be.

Well I guess the leak was right...

DAO as others have said.

The crazy thing is Sony could sell the Pro for $200 less but after them not announcing a competitive price I think they'll only cut the Pro to $349 now. $299 is overkill and they can save that till next year.

Tmfwang said:
Litterally no new exclusive games announced.
And whats up with "CONSOLE LAUNCH EXCLUSIVE", I thought "console exclusive" was difuse enough?

Thats how microsoft says "timed exclusive".

All those "console launch exclusives" are heading for PS4 or Switch at some point.

Just means MS has a few months or so of exclusivity atleast with them.

$499 USD ($599 CAD) is a good price for the hardware, but its still a touch too high for the console space, and way to high in comparison to the Pro. No way PS lowers the $399 price of Pro now.
When Phil mentioned some 4k game upgrades would be free at no cost, it was a bit of a tense moment, and right then I knew that they had kept the price till the end for the same reason. Make sure everyone see's what your offering first, then give them the bad news hoping you already have them hooked.
If MS is lucky they will end up with the same 1:5 attach rate that the Pro has. If they are really lucky, they will steal some PS players that want more performance, or XB PS4 gamers that may decide to switch back now.
They showed that they are definitely putting more effort into the games focus than they were before, but unless there is some bigger/clincher news between now and launch, I don't see XB1X pushing many units.

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