Xbox One X will launch for $499

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Your thoughts?

TOO HIGH! 544 73.91%
Is actually a decent price 131 17.80%
For 4k gaming? Steal 61 8.29%

When you look at the conference as a whole, this is the least of Xbox's problems

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$500 is fine.

Well, this is new.


Captain_Yuri said:
A great man once said... #Skip and that is exactly what I will be doing

Considering that you just footed for a new rig and the cost of a slightly lesser micro atx box, I'd say the skip is in the cards

500 is pretty expensive though.


Lafiel said:

accurate price for a 360mm² 16nm process APU with a liquid cooling system, 12GB of GDDR5 ram and power management to make every chip run at it's optimal power state

but in the console business this historically hasn't been much of a mass market price

Nah it's not liquid cooled they just decribed a high end pc card in a deliberately confusing way...

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After they didnt announce the price right at the beginning like Scorpio/Xbox One X itself, i was like 1000% sure they gonna save the 399 Dollar Price tag for last and "Whats now Sony/PS4 Pro!?" Well didnt happen and i was also wrong not believing this Geo guy.

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I'm an XB first guy. I picked up XB1 near launch, and got into the PS4 universe 3 years later, with the Pro. I have sufficient disposable income to comfortably afford a $500 console. I figure that puts me right in the target market for this system. But, without any exclusives to play on it, and a PS4 Pro available to play multi-plats, I don't see how I'm going to justify the purchase of XBX this year.

Add in the Switch competing for hardware dollars, at $150 less than XBX, and it is hard to see exactly how this system will sell many units in 2017.

LurkerJ said:
When you look at the conference as a whole, this is the least of Xbox's problems

The conference was pretty good in terms of pacing and content amount.... its problem was most was 3rd party (multi platform) or Launch Exclusive (which I guess means it comes out on PS4)... and there wasnt a lot else to shout about (nothing really new in terms of 1st party exclusive, MS normal problem). I just dont see it pushing console sales, 4k at that price, when I dont have a 4k TV, but also why wouldnt i just stick with PS4...

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Switch is $200 less than Xbox One X which is why Switch will keep selling out and X will not sell.


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The price is fine. It's supposed to be the Lexus in the line-up, not the Toyota. It's for those who don't mind paying a "premium price" for a luxury product. It was never intended to out-sell the base model.

Honestly, if they just made another console at the same level as the PS4 Pro, it would be an empty gesture. No one would leave the Playstation ecosystem for a side-grade. With this, though, they might pull away a few gamers who value resolution and "power" above everything else.