Xbox One X will launch for $499

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Your thoughts?

TOO HIGH! 544 73.91%
Is actually a decent price 131 17.80%
For 4k gaming? Steal 61 8.29%
exclusive_console said:
Alby_da_Wolf said:
The price is right, people wanting to spend less can buy a XBOne S.

Really ? I am not big fan of higher res as I prefer gfx over pixel but 1080P should be standard now. I can't see the X competiting with PS4P. Though PS4 will be the most popular I am sure

Resolution comes with the graphics package. You will get improved image quality with games being rendered at 4k on a 1080P display.

LivingMetal said:

Go with a high-end android tablet.  Ploblem solved.

They actually exist?

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Xbox one isnt a good buy
xbox one s isnt a good buy
xbox one X isnt a good buy.

I am all for power in a console. But i predicted the price would be 499.
Really if you want another controller and or game with a console. Its gonna be closer to 600 bucks.
I believe you can find my prediction in a previous thread

$$$ 550-600 buy in is too expensive for a console gaming system right now. It will sell a few but Sony is gonna own this year.

if you are gonna spend 600 bucks you might as well get a gaming pc.