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yes 11 44.00%
no 14 56.00%


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Not bad. I'm not terribly impressed just yet, but the game ought to be fun anyway.

Looks like the same old Assassin's creed games Ubisoft has been releasing almost every year since 2007, only with some minor tweaks here and there.

I'm not impressed. The franchise has been dead since AC3 imo.

Wasn't that impressed, its all getting a little stale for me, the gameplay just seemed typical AC. Also didnt like the colour work on the game, looked too bright and slightly comic like. Was hoping for a bit more harsh reality. And that giant snake thing...what the hell....

Gave me flashbacks of AC3 which was terrible. My daughter didnt like the main character, thought he was ugly...lol.

Making an indie game : Dead of Day!

I fell asleep watching that shit.

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That arrow part was lulz worthy


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Extra year be damned, yet again we're getting a cool, highly requested setting and I'm completely unenthused. Too familiar and what is new is not an improvement (that arrow...). Sad...