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PS4 is a cash cow for Sony - that's the biggest advantage it has over PS3. 95m-125m is what I'd go with personally, and a lot has to go wrong for it to be at only 95m. Sony had no reason to keep PS3 around once the PS4 was up and running profitably.

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I'll say by end of 2019.

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Are we including Playstation 4 Pro numbers?

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Sony just announced they predict they will sell 79m by the end of fiscal year 2017. 

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I stated on another post, week 38 of 2019.

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At this point not reaching 100m sounds very unrealistic. I'd say Ps4 has still 2 to 3 viable years on the market.

KrspaceT said:
I doubt it: The PS 1 and 2 had extra media features that helped them sell well. PS3 sale levels are closer to what I think will happen.

I hope you’re not betting much on that prediction. PS4 is already only 10 million units from PS3. Its a guaranteed 100 million+ seller. The only question is how much farther it can go above 100 million. Possibly around 125 million before we PS5 really slows it down. 

OT: PS4 will for sure hit 100 million by March 31st 2019. It’s going to pass Wii numbers by Summer. 

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September 2019

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Once 2018 ends, PS4 would be at 93-94m. So around summer of 2019.

At the end of 2019 shipped march 2020 sold.