What was the last ticket or fine that you got?

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Most recent was for parking in a spot that had a 2 hour window once a week where it was no parking for street sweeping. This was probably 10 years ago now.

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The only ticket I have gotten was a $60 parking ticket because there was street cleaning that day. I didn't see the sign and the street was filled with other cars, so I didn't think anything about it.

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I got a public intox (alcohol). It's stupid, they don't want you to drink and drive, but try to walk home and they give you public intox. I just drink at home now.

Speeding. 49 on 35. I thought the sign said 45 but it was midnight so I misread it and got myself a $100 ticket. That was maybe 2 months ago

"Driving through a red light"

I put in quotes because it was still yellow when I drove passed and turned red well after.

Cop was just being a douche bag. Right before this incident I drove pass that cop as he was occupied pulling over another car. This cop was just trying to hit that quota you know.

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When I went rockclimbing, the car park is for climbers only and after I finished I signed out but went for a quick pint with a friend Thinking I'd get a way with it but when I got back the stick was on my window.

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I don't have a full driver's license, so I haven't really driven enough to get a ticket yet But I probably will get one eventually in my life if I drive enough.

Tickets to a Journey concert?

I will let you know when I get one.

Once, and it was 3 years ago. Driving through a red light ($250.00).