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Beef/steak that is cooked rare/medium rare.

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Spicy things in general, it's torture. Why would you want a painful sensation while you eat? Masochism at its finest

EDIT: rare/medium meats, no thanks, i'll take mine well done

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Pad Thai.

It taste like rotten spaghetti I left in the fridge for 2 weeks and then added lime and peanuts for only God knows why

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Well pretty much everything that's been said in this thread I either like or haven't tried. So I guess I like most foods.

Other than olives and cheese, I'm picky about cheese. Don't like mature cheddar, or blue cheese... red leicster and mild cheddar are the only safe bets really.

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Hot dogs D:

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StarOcean said:
Whoa whoa whoa, so much peanut butter hate. We got some horrible people here v.v XD

To be fair as I already mentioned earlier plain smooth peanut butter really isn't that good.  Plus I'm pretty sure being allergic to peanuts is the most common food allergy so there is a ton of people that can't eat it due to health reasons.