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All games are kid friendly. There is nothing in a game that will mentally screw up a child.



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Off the top of my head, Nerf Arena Blast, an old kid friendly FPS that ran on the Unreal Engine 1. It's like Unreal Tournament (though using the same engine after all) but with Nerf guns. It is literally a "nerfed" experience when compared to UT.

Cobretti2 said:
All games are kid friendly. There is nothing in a game that will mentally screw up a child.

This is very true.  Now excuse me while I go rip this guy's balls off with a pair of pliers...

I was about to say COD 4 and Advanced Warfare with paintball effects on, but then I realized a paintball game actualy exists. Greg Hastings: Paintball 2 is a FPS and pretty sure its child friendly, but I haven't actually played it so idk. What harm can you do in a paintball game?

Extreme Paintbrawl is a FPS with just paintball guns, but it's also considered to be one of the worst games of all time.

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Well, this is new.


I would say Overwatch is something that all ages can appreciate. It has that appearance of a Pixar film, the characters are pretty cartoony, and it's easily accessible to beginners. There's no blood, and I can't recall any cursing...worst thing I can think of is Reaper's Ultimate (and Reaper in general I guess).

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You can try Banjo-Tooie, there are shooting minigames in which you hold Kazooie as your weapon and it shoots eggs. Not violence-inducing at all. There is also this section with Targitzan... lol that's as close as a kid-friendly FPS can get XD

I let my kid play FPS like Halo or Starwars battlefront. See no reason why not there not scary or particularly violent towards people.