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How tall are you? (Female)

5'0" or 152 cm 3 3.75%
5'1" or 155 cm 0 0.00%
5'2" or 157 cm 2 2.50%
5'3" or 160 cm 3 3.75%
5'4" or 162.5 cm 8 10.00%
5'5" or 165 cm 9 11.25%
5'6" or 168 cm 11 13.75%
5"7" or 170 cm 21 26.25%
5 23 28.75%

I'm only 5'5 but I've never felt small and don't feel people tower above me as I walk down the street. My height is my height, quite the pointless thing to get sad about.

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Around 180 cm, not too tall or short.

6' 3"

Generally speaking I'm happy with my height. I'm equal in height or taller than at least 80% of people, yet I'm not so tall that I have to duck when going through doors or under ceiling fans. The only real issue with my height is that I'm generally more attracted to short girls for some reason, which feels a bit awkward since they only come up to my upper chest or neck at most.

Kerotan said:
barneystinson69 said:

Are you trying to imply something else about your body?

You obviously don't know much about Kerotans.

Is that the new name for your thing?

I kid, I kid.

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LadyJasmine said:

I have recently gotten taller

Are you standing up in a windosill?

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All you 6'3 footers and above....NO Miata for you!  5'8 and 135 lbs, my size, used to be normal. Now I am called skinny or slim.

I'm 26, 6'0, just barely made it.

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6'2" here also

5'8'' is perfect! I'm 25, and 5'8'' myself. It's the perfect height.

5' 10'' so bang average. I'm from southern england and i'm taller than most old men but shorter than most young men, that's what it seems like in my experience anyway.