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That's definitely not easy to predict, 80 is the safest option.

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I'll guess 81.

AltarofKez said:

I feel like colorful new franchises that emphasize action over exploration or realistic graphics have a ceiling with gaming critics. These types of games are aimed at different audiences than the critics, who have other preferences, so they're very reluctant to give it near-perfect scores. Overwatch might be the exception that proves the rule.  When Splatoon was revealed I guessed its ceiling was 80, so when it landed on 81 I figured it was a game that everybody would love and still be playing or talking about years later. The sequel will probably score a mite higher now that everyone knows it's okay to like Splatoon.

As for ARMS, I think that ceiling is also 80, meaning that it would have to be really addictive fun for critics to go that high. So I'm going to guess 77 or 78, based on reactions to the punchfire.

Oh yeah, that bias is very real when it comes to western critics. Color? -1 points. Not open world? -1 points. Not an FPS? -1 points. New IP? -1 points. 

Punch-Out! on Wii scored 86% by the way and that's an extremely basic game compared to Arms (I've played both).

Somewhere in the low 80's. Going to say 83. Went from being an I'll skip it to must buy after my time with the Beta

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Squalo said:
Punch-Out! on Wii scored 86% by the way and that's an extremely basic game compared to Arms (I've played both).

Punch Out! was perfect. If Arms does as well, I'll consider it a huge success. 

81, same as Splatoon back then.

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Honestly, this seems like a game that could end up almost anywhere between 65 and 90. There's not really a precedent for this kind of game, so predicting a score is really difficult. I'm going to be somewhat conservative and say 78.

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