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Will it show up at E3?

Yes! 25 53.19%
No! 13 27.66%
Yes, and it will be 1-2-3-Switch! 9 19.15%

Fellow VGChartians, it's been 4 years since the release of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They became a second party developer back in 2014 when they signed a contract for exclusivity. So, like people especulate, they are likely developing a Switch game. And it's probably being develop for a some time as well.

With that in mind, what kind of game do you think they are developing? Mario Strikers? Luigi's Mansion? Another Ninetendo IP? A new IP? And, what are the chances of it appearing at E3? 

I for one am very curious to find out next week. I really like their games so far and they definitely have potential.

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They just released the bomb that was Metroid Prime: Federation Force last year. :/ So who knows what's next for them?

Luigi Strikers. Where you can't move your characters and the ball just rolls into the goal and you win.

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Another Punch-Out!! would be great

Luigi Mansion 3, Luigi Mansion's 2 sold almost 6 million, i think luigi mansion's 3 will appears soon


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I think they're working on Luigi's Mansion 3 given how well Dark Moon sold on 3DS but I think they won't show anything at this year's E3 since Federation Force came out last year, plus they need to keep some surprises for the next E3 presentations, this year they already have whatever Retro has been working on to unveil!

Luigi's Mansion 3 is guaranteed. Nintendo has never not made a sequel to game that sold more than 3 million (non-bundled) that I can think of.

It would also be a good 2018 title for Nintendo ... Pokemon Stars, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion 3, maybe a Metroid or Mario Maker Switch would be a very strong 2018 for them.

Double post.

Next Level Games never released anything for Wii U, most likely scenario is that their Wii U project was moved to Switch.
Nintendo is probably satisfied how Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon performed on 3DS, so am willing to bet that Next Level Games Switch game is Luigi's Mansion 3, but I am not sure if they will show it now on E3, I would said chances are 50-50%.

Yes I think early planning for Luigi's Mansion 3 was probably intended for Wii U, but like Animal Crossing for Wii U (the real one), Nintendo likely pulled the plug on it in favor of moving said titles to the NX (Switch).