What would make you buy a Scorpio at launch?

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Without knowing yet what Microsoft has planned for the Scorpio for launch this holiday, be it games, AR, the pricepoint or something else.

What would it take for you to buy it, and what gaming platforms are you playing on today?

I am a PS4 and PC gamer, and am more likely to buy the switch. I mean come on, it has zelda and the upcoming Odyssey. I don't have any reason to buy the scorpio. As a gaming platform it is just uninteresting. If the AR technology shapes up to be awesome for games, that would still hold me off.  Because it would mean buying a scorpio + some AR device = $$$. In which case I would rather buy the PSVR for my existing ecosystem = less $.

I really don't see what games they might announce, that could spark console sales. A new Forza, Gears probably not. A new Halo perhaps yes. But two of those franchises have lost their place of consumer demand.

I just don't see it.
Microsoft really needs to excell at this E3, or the scorpio will be DOA.

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I don't care if it even has a GTX 1080 inside of it for $499. The library is simply lacking- even the Switch's first year looks much more promising

A "buy a Scorpio, get a free Switch" deal would do it for me!

I'd then sell the Scorpio, but I would have bought it in the first place...

There's literally nothing else that could convince me to get one at launch. Already have an Xbox One and could not care less about more pixels or whatever. And if it had any Scorpio exclusive games then that would dissuade me from buying it since MS would be screwing original Xbox One owners (ie. me!) over.

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Current X1 exclusive lineup isn't enough to justify paying anything more than that tbqh

Nothing for me sadly. Just sold my 360 and X1 during the long weekend. I've just grown tired and bored of the Xbox brand. Halo and gears are stale and it doesn't look like Microsoft is gonna make any new franchises anytime soon.

The original Xbox is still the best Xbox to me. I don't see myself going back to Xbox ever again unless they do like Sony and Nintendo and make a lot of fun fresh new ips. PS4 and soon Switch have me taken care of nicely. Arms looks especially nice 👍🏻

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twintail said:

Current X1 exclusive lineup isn't enough to justify paying anything more than that tbqh

Same. And even then, I don't know if I would buy it at launch. .-.

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They just need an exclusive game that I would want to play. Which means I will most likely never have to buy it.

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Like the OP I'm a PS4 (Pro) and PC gamer. And there are a lot of things that I'd want to buy if I had the money, and Scorpio just isn't at the front of the list:
- My PC will be 8 years old this coming holiday season. While I twice upgraded the GPU and added SSDs in recent years the system just needs a complete overhaul. I'm estimating a price of around 1300€/$ because I want my new system to be VR ready
- I want a VR system. Currently favoring PSVR since I already have a PS4 Pro, but I'm still waiting for more games and/or better PC-"support" for the PSVR headset (head tracking on PC would be nice!). But I'm also open for other headsets in a similar price range
- Switch: At the moment it doesn't have enough exclusives games I want to play (Zelda, MK8 Deluxe) but it's very likely that it will reach the point where I'd want to have the system in a few month
- I may want to have 4K-Bluray player, because I bought 4K television a few month ago. But 4K Blurays are currently too expansive for me

So the only ways for Microsoft to really interest me in Scorpio are either a very good and cheap VR-solution for Scorpio or an unrealisticly low price point for the console. I'm actually more interested in a XBox One S, which can be had for ~200€ in Germany and I wouldn't pay more than ~300€ for Scorpio.

i have no interest @ XboxOne 2.0/Scorpio. No chance.

And the PS4 has this/next year the biggest games from japan & the west. The new graphic-kings are "God of War", "The Last of Us 2" or "Death Stranding" in future, that is sure. For this reasons: The Scorpio has no meaning for me. Maybe a true next Xbox 2019 (new Generation, "Xbox Ultimate") :)

I have a PC with a 1080Ti, so unless they make back full exclusive game to scorpio (and more than the 3 usual games) absolutly nothing.