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The game was release 12 months ago and they alread managed to sell 9m copies.

Total Units


North America: 3.97m 43.7%
+ Europe: 3.42m 37.6%
+ Japan: 0.20m 2.2%
+ Rest of the World: 1.49m 16.4%
= Global 9.08m


The Last Of Us (PS3 + PS4) sold 11m. (VGC numbers) and GT5 almost 15m.


We can say that it sold incredibly. Well done PS4!

My Total Sales prediction for PS4 by the end of 2021: 110m+

When PS4 will hit 100m consoles sold: Before Christmas 2019

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Insane numbers from Naughty Dog! No doubt that this game will reach 12M+ lifetime!

great numbers

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It was 8.7M by the end of 2016, VGC has some massive catch up to do with Uncharted 4 sales number.
Well, digital and all I guess...

The joy of bundles !! But yeah congrats :)

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Oh yes. Awesome numbers! I see bundles and sales coming. Plenty more seeing that this is the last one. Since this is the last legit Uncharted, I can see the numbers going as far as 10 million.

Japan - 0.20m ouch....

Mar1217 said:
The joy of bundles !! But yeah congrats :)

Don't dismiss it like that, please.
It had an amazing start, it sold 2.7M in a single week.

I assume that doesn't include digital. Uncharted 4 has done very well compared to the previous games.

Last generation Aaron Greenberg bragged about Halo outselling multiple PS3 exclusives including Uncharted. He revelled at the misfortunes of his competitors even though Sony supported their system with more exclusives than Microsoft supported the Xbox 360.

In 2012 Phil Spencer was asked what he thought about the PS3 having more exclusives than the Xbox 360. Phil Spencer replied with saying that their fewer franchises outsell Sony's franchises. He followed up by saying it's not about having more exclusives, it's about creating something that "matters".

Fast foward to this generation, Uncharted outsells Microsoft's franchises. Phil Spencer says he doesn't like fanboys and says that single player story driven games don't have as much impact as they used to. Same company that hides sales numbers, boasts about MAUs including Minecraft on mobile and PC and claims Xbox Live is the largest gaming network. Only to find out weeks later that PSN has more MAUs than Xbox Live.

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Mar1217 said:
The joy of bundles !! But yeah congrats :)

Tell me about eh, Nintendo lives off of that lol xD

All joking aside, well done ND! I great way to show farwell to Nathan Drake's last adventure :)