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Mar1217 said:
Namiirei said:

youtube Stream > Twitch.

Just hide the cancerous chat section and you're all good to go !

The chat is auto blocked there, you don't even need to bother lol

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E3 2017: Sony Press Conference Live


Hunting Season is done...

Kyuu said:

That SotC trademark.. my heart can't take this, why are you doing this to me, Sony?..

How to surpass E3 2016:

Announce SotC Remake, coming late 2018/early 2019
Announce Bloodborne 2, coming early 2018
Announce Legend of Dra-.. nevermind..

http://live.playstation.com/ seems to running good, youtube seems behind.

Knack 2, the GOTG, releasing September 5th

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Knack 2 is looking fun. I didn't realize it was coming out so soon. September 5th isn't far away at all.


Knack 2 coming September 5

Sony announcing PlayLink, a collection of social games meant to play together on the couch. First game up is Hidden Agenda, from the developers of Until Dawn.

Not even on the show and sony already announcing release dates and new games


My youtube gaming page.


Knack 2 trailer was on point. Hope to get some impressions from the showfloor.