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Endless Ocean 3
Animal Crossing Switch
Switch Sports Resort
Mainline pokemon game
Pikmin 4
New western RPG from Retro
Rhythm Heaven

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For myself I would absolutely LOVE:

1. F-Zero
2. Metroid
3. Donkey Kong Country or 3D Donkey Kong
4. Pokemon (Open World like Breath of the Wild, highly unlikely)
5. Proper StarFox

1. Metroid (Prime 4)
2. Diddy Kong Racing 2
3. Pikmin 4
4. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (remake or 4)
5. Super Mario Sunshine HD
6. F-Zero
7. Luigi's Mansion 3

They really need to bring Super Mario Maker over. Really, given the nature of a game a port with a few additional items is all that's required.

I imagine they're waiting till they get their online services up and running fully though.

1- Advance Wars
2- Metroid
3- FFVI Remake
4- Contra 5
5- Double Dragon Reboot

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Call of Duty Switch

Pikmin 4
Smash Switch (plz have more characters and a story mode)
Pokemon openworld
3D kirby game
ace attorney game

Kirby Air Ride 2

Baten Kaitos

Mischief Makers

Kid Icarus

Tales of


I'll be happy with at least 2 in this generation

Monster Hunter V (New MH game exclusively developed for the system)
Pokemon MMO
Metroid Prime 4
Fire Emblem X SMT 2

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atma998 said:
1- Advance Wars
2- Metroid
3- FFVI Remake
4- Contra 5
5- Double Dragon Reboot

Oh Contra 5! That's a good call. Would love to get in some local co-op run 'n gun action on Switch.

I wonder what WayForward is up to.