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How hyped are you for the Nintendo Spotlight?

10 (Hype levels over 9000!) 143 29.92%
9 (Pretty Hyped) 85 17.78%
8 (Moderately Hyped) 80 16.74%
7 (Cautiously Hyped) 79 16.53%
6 (Not quite there yet) 29 6.07%
5 (Unsure) 25 5.23%
4 (Not Very) 14 2.93%
3 (Meh) 10 2.09%
2 (Not hyped) 4 0.84%
1 (NintenDOOOMED!) 9 1.88%

Nintendo won this years E3 in my honest opinion. Sweet and straight to the point.

I predict that the Wii U will sell a total of 18 million units in its lifetime. 

The NX will be a 900p machine

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Mario Odyssey looks great!

Damn, mario still took this one on my book. Looks awesome!!! Dat T-rex!!!! Possibilities with this game are huge!!!!!

Hmm, got excited when I saw that dinasaur, have been hoping for an open world dinasaur game from nintendo. Alas, it was mario. That mario trailer was amazing though.

Wait, the site didn't crash?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Barkley said:
Year of dissapointment, I'm still giving E3 to Nintendo, but that wasn't great.

When people cool off they'll realise the two best announcements were literally "pokemon is a thing" and "look here's a logo.".

Remember that they already annoucned a ton in January. A new Mario. A new Xenoblade. FE Warriors.  And it looks like they're all delivering on the promise of coming this year.

Switch is less than 4 months old and 2017 is positively loaded with games.

I think it was the best conference in term of presentation but nothing crazy. If they had actual footage for pokemon and metroid, it would have been amazing. Just the announcement is very underwhelming.

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2 games for 2018 based on smaller franchises
2 announced games that are not coming out in 2018 - and i was told Nintendo only focus on the short term; only i couldn't see Nintendo's new ways...

What. a. poor. showing.

Decent at best.

Nintendo made announcements for games that will come out in a year or more, and what makes matters worst is that the announcement was just by words.