Have you ever suffered from drug addiction? How did you get out/how are you coping with it?

Forums - General Discussion - Have you ever suffered from drug addiction? How did you get out/how are you coping with it?

Weed and alcohol, my own paranoia stopped my addiction, haven't touched either for years.

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My family has been addicted to drugs all my life. Almost every single family member has had trouble with addiction in all kinds of drugs. For example my grandma smokes a pack of cigarettes every day and drinks a 12 pack of beer every day. Same story but with different drugs for many of my other family members.

Thus I don't do any drugs at all. That doesn't mean I have escaped addiction though. I have been addicted to the natural dopamine before. This has included simple things like over 400 days /played on World of Warcraft or even a simple caffeine addiction.

I can break addiction by challenging myself, if I have to prove something to myself then I will.

Fucking drink problems in my family, yes its fucked up.

Selfish pricks only think about themselfs , they are like zombies and ruin the environment of any house.


VGPolyglot said:

So, it is an unfortunate reality, but there are millions of people that suffer from drug addiction. It can be from alcohol, it can be from prescription drugs, or it can be something more hardcore like cocaine and heroin.

Unfortunately, I have known many people with drug addiction. It's possibly as a result to this that I'm averse to taking medication: I haven't taken medication to help deal with my anxiety problems because I'm afraid of becoming addicted, and I don't drink out of fear of either not being able to control my emotions, or of becoming addicted.

Now, my family's endeavours have not ended in a happy outcome. But what about you guys? Have any of you gone through addiction in the past? Did you manage to overcome it? Or are you still having troubles dealing with it?

I take Methodone every day, have for over twenty years , the Australian state of Tasmania where I live produces 50% of the worlds commercial opiate production, so when I was young it was easy to make opium tea or tar, just walk in to a field and get the harvestable poppies then brew it up I won't mention the details of the process , I used it just socially, but when I traveled I got into Heroin, came home and with support from the local drug and alcohol service helped establish a methodone program run by local pharmacies under the auspices of the state health dept ,you get a monthly script from a participating doctor take it to a participating Pharmacy and pay $5 perday  for your dose this payment covers the clerical costs, the methodone its self is supplied free by the federal govt ,everthing else is handled the same as anyone with a regular script except the script lasts a month andyou have 2/3 take away's allowed per week depending on where you live and you have to sign a sheet, my pharmcy is great and the 5 pharmacists who own and run the pharmacy have become friends with the major partner becoming my best friend , he tells the tale of how some pharmacists when he was chairman of the pharmacy board complained to him about pharmacies handling methodone maintanence , his response was it's voluntry and with pharmacies being in most communities they  are the ideal places for such an endevour and  helping addicts helps your community, also he would point out the hipocracy that every pharmacy fills scripts for a great many people like "auntie may "who has for years been on high doses of drugs that are addictive and are recommended for short term use and these same pharmacies have no problem looking after those addicts.  

IsawYoshi said:
BraLoD said:
I'm LoD addicted.
You don't need to fear being addicted, beer tastes horrible you are losing nothing, and medication is poison, if you don't REALLY need it, don't take it, I used to take all kinds of shit as a kid and was always sick, I stepped you and said I wouldn't take anything I didn't needed anymore, like anxiety too, and I got a whole lot better without them.
I'll add that smoking is also one of the worst shit there is, don't ever even try it.

Addictions are mostly pointless, it's hard for people that already got addicted, but don't worry about it, you are losing nothing without the things that lead to the worst addictions.

I try to avoid painkillers and such as well, for the most part the body is quite good at sorting out it's problem on it's own and doesn't need us interfering. Trying to avoid it so long as possible is a good way of dealing with that sort of thing. Sometimes are body needs some help though, and for that reason we shouldn't underplay the helpfull effect medication can bring in some situations.  A bit unfair to call it poison, seeing as it's the primary reason we don't have an average lifeexpectancy of 25. 


Do agree though, beer does taste shit 

I did say if you REALLY don't need them.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Still waiting for someone to offer to sell me some drugs so I can find out if I get addicted or not...

Lol go to highschool I've been offered free weed a crap ton. still never done it though :P it smells awful anyways

ClassicGamingWizzz said:
Fucking drink problems in my family, yes its fucked up.

Selfish pricks only think about themselfs , they are like zombies and ruin the environment of any house.

Really sorry to hear this, can be very testing when it's a family member who chooses alcohol over being that family member people know and love.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games? https://youtu.be/1I7JfMMxhf8

Had an Aunty who was a meth head. After the birth of her second child she decided "Enough was enough".
Got help, got off it, went to university, got a full time job, bought a house, got custody of her kids back and is now living the Australian Dream.
My brother is a Stoner, out of all the drugs, I am glad it's that one though.

I used to be a full blown chain-smoking cigarette smoker.
And I decided that once my addiction exceeded $200 a week, I would give it up. That was 3 years ago going on 4. And that was my first quit attempt in that whole 17 year period.
I honestly don't understand how people keep falling back into the smoker trap.

Granted I made allot of other changes at the time, cleaned and scrubbed everything to remove the smell from my home, clothes, everything.
Even stopped visiting friends who were smokers (They understood), stayed away from people who smoked in Public... The lot.

I haven't even had the slightest temptation, the smell of it turns me off, it's disgusting. The smell from someone who just had a smoke is also downright awful.

Boost6 said:
Never neither was anyone in fam or even immediate fam, we were not raised weak.

The idea of a drug ruling our life is a joke. All it a disease or addiction is bs imo, its just weakness.

All druggies addicts whatever belong in jail.

It's got nothing about being strong or weak.

I'm gonna let Satan explain this one. Good explanation, six years ago a close relative of mine died of hepatic cirrhosis, after decades of alcoholism.

He lived with an aunt of mine whom I'm certain suffers from serious neurotic disorders, so things got pretty nasty. I'm sorry I don't have any useful

advise to offer, since in this particular case things didn't end well at all. 

I used cocaine from 16 till 24. 8 years. One day i woke up and i didnt had anything to sniff. So i stayed that one day without. And had a long conversation with my family about everything. It was a great day. At that moment i realized that i was high. I was so offteb on cocaine that the days without seems like high for me. The next morning i went to an after hour club without using anything. It was crazy. The people where sweating. Didnt sleep for 48 hours. Like zombies. I realized. Thats bullshit and i never touch it again. Cigarettes yes but no illegal drugs.



Now i am 32. Have a beautifull wife and a beautifull son 14 month old. A good job and a good life in switzerland. My son is my new drug :)