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So, two new Spider-Man Homecoming trailers just landed today, and along with new trailers come new posters! Only, the poster hasn't been very well recieved (although the trailers were dope!). I personally don't mind it, especially in comparison to the absolutely terrible Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster.

Below is the brand spankin' new theatrical poster for the movie, which a lot of people took to Twitter and other social media saying how it looks like a terrible photoshop job. Right next to it is the poster for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Personally, I think the Homecoming poster is A LOT better than The Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster. The latter just looks too simple and generic, while the Homecoming poster at least has a lot of colour and characters from the movie. Check it out! Which one do you prefer?


Edit: Here's a second Spider-Man Homecoming poster! Looks to be an improvement!


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It feel as though it barely conveys the fact that it's a Spider-Man film, despite him taking up 1/3 of the poster.

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You know you're not off to a great start when you're comparing it to the worst Spider-Man movie ever.

...but still, no. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster isn't very good, but it is certainly way better than that horrible mess that is Homecoming's. Then again, I don't like these types of posters with loads of characters scaled larger or smaller based on their relevance to the plot - but even if I did, there's no excusing the stupidity of showing the same character twice just to have them with and without the suit (and they did that with 2 (3?) characters in this one). Beyond that, it just looks plain ugly.

There's really nothing special about it. I can tell they're desperate to sell this movie by constantly remind people that Iron Man is in it and it is part of the MCU. I think it'll be good, but that doesn't change the fact that it reeks of desperation.

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HylianYoshi said:
It feel as though it barely conveys the fact that it's a Spider-Man film, despite him taking up 1/3 of the poster.

True, that's something I forgot to mention. I feel like there's about as much Iron Man on the poster as there is Spider-Man.


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They gave up a long time ago after they realized they weren't going to beat Spider-Man 2's.


I'm not going to lie: Homecoming the poster looks dreadful.

As long as the movie itself is better than ASM2, the worst Spider-Man movie to date, then I don't really care.


Tony Stark in: Spider-man Homecoming

There's way too much focus on Tony Stark, that's a big problem.

Xxain said:

Tony Stark in: Spider-man Homecoming

It's starting to feel more like Iron Man 4 than anything Spider-Man :-/