Forums - Sony Discussion - Would you trust Sony enough to buy a PSP 3?

Would you trust Sony enough to buy a PSP 3?

Yes, I would buy a PSP3 with confidence! 157 29.79%
Maybe, I would wait a yea... 124 23.53%
No, how they treated the ... 246 46.68%

As usual, the rumor mill is in full churn for E3 2017.

Now the question is, would you trust Sony enough to buy a PSP3/Vita2?

Would Sony be in for the long term with first party support?

Would they be able to get full budget third party games long term?

How would the PSP3 differentiate itself from the 3DS/Switch/Vita?

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Not after the vita. The way they handled it was terrible in my eyes.


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Not really. Though to be fair, I'm don't put much trust on handhelds in general.

I would wait a bit to make sure they were serious.

Absolutely, the vita is still getting a lot of games. Uncharted was a disaster on the vita. I rather get third party games than first party ones.

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Sony is smart enough to not waste their money on another lame ass portable gaming system.

PSP sucked. Vita sucked. Game over - stick with home consoles. Kaz Hirai take note.

I suspect they wouldn't go behind exclusive memory cards so that would make things better.

But really it doent matter: everyones biggest problem with Sony handhelds is the lack of full on support from 1st party devs and that is NEVER going to change. Most of Sonys studios aren't interested in handheld development, they want to develop for console specs.

It really depends what a new Sony handheld brings. As long as it improves on vita hardware but at a reasonable price with update features than it could be cool. I think Sony could consider a product that can hit a niche and still make them profit (much like the Experia phone range is doing atm).

Would I personally buy? Probably not. But depends on what it is. as for the rumour, I think you will just see a new PS4 SKU, maybe VR built into PS4Pro or something.

Hell no. I loved the PSP too

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Handhelds are dead IMO.

if it is a full compatible with ps4 digital content, yes