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Microsoft Creative Director Adam Isgreen explains the ins and outs of the deck building, multiplayer, action/strategy game Phantom Dust.


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Phantom Dust for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC is a re-release of the original Xbox classic, now returning with full Xbox LIVE support and a host of enhancements, including Xbox Play Anywhere, cross-device multiplayer, achievements, and 16x9 presentation. It features new gameplay enhancements including multiplayer starter decks that let you jump straight into multiplayer, improved frame rate, and adjustments to overall game balance. Experience the cult classic that’s kept a passionate community playing to this day and a unique multiplayer experience that’s never been duplicated.

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Multiplayer Starter Pack


Hit the ground running in online combat with the Multiplayer Starter Pack for Phantom Dust! It includes a 2-School Arsenal and over 30 strong, fundamental Skills from the Psycho, Optical and Nature schools.

Phantom Dust is now available.

Downloading on the windows 10 store rn, i haven't watched the trailer or anything so I have no idea what I'm in for XD

Not on the Windows Store for some reason, I had to use the link in the OP.

Either way, glad to see they're going the F2P route. Downloading on PC right now.

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So glad it is Free to play. It's the perfect model for an old re-released game that hasn't been remastered/remade.

Hopefully it gets enough of a fanbase to warrant a proper sequel... And hopefully it might make Microsoft pay attention to some of the other classics on the original Xbox and port them over too. (Or give us Backwards compatibility.)