Alan wake is being removed from xbox/steam after 5/15. (Remains in library)

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Really don't understand the people who only do physical, or digital. The game is 4 dollars right now. We're talking about lunch. That goes for any game, though. If the price is low enough to justify it, I will get the digital versions. Some games, I own digital and physical copies.

It's data. One's stored on your disc. The other is stored on your disk. Big deal.

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d21lewis said:

My experience differs. I have hundreds upon hundreds of digital games and probably thousands of songs.

I've never owned an mp3 player or a smartphone. Never downloaded a song on my computer. Never bought a digital copy of a movie. Never owned an e-book reader or a tablet. I have a handful of XBL Arcade and Virtual Console games I purchased. Digital just never appealed to me when it became an option, and over time I've felt more and more strongly that the weaknesses of digital far, far outweighed what few strengths it had.

I'm not here to sell you on digital. If you don't want to go that route, it's okay.

My beef is with people who actively push for all-digital, and speak of it as a good and beneficial thing for gamers. But I don't trust digital, and I don't want the choice of physical taken away from me. If consoles ever go all-digital, then I'm done supporting the industry. I'll still have 40+ years worth of retro titles to catch up on.

Shadow1980 said:
Yeah. For now. Eventually, the 360 will cease to be supported, and when it does, re-downloading anything will be impossible.

Won't happen for a long time yet. The Xbox 360's market place/online systems are being integrated into the Xbox One's at various levels.
Plus there are still millions of 360 gamers, by the time the original Xbox's online was shut off, it's population was almost non-existent.

Shadow1980 said:
You can't make true backup copies, though, at least not through the means provided to you by MS (and I imagine the means of making actual backup copies isn't exactly legal).

It most certainly is legal. It is still tied to my license/console. It's on external drives.

Plus I can legally make backups of all my games if I own the original copy anyway, my countries consumer protections tend to be a little better than the US and UK in that regard.

Shadow1980 said:
Do bootlegs really count, though? Sure, if you pirate everything, then finding discontinued content digitally ought not be a problem. But the second-hand market for physical is perfectly legal.

2nd hand sales would be illegal if publishers and platform holders got their way. :P

I was hoping the game would be on sale on Xbox too, but no luck so far :(

Paid $5 CDN for the game with all DLC (American Nightmare included) on steam, not too shabby of a deal, regardless of whether or not it is going to be available or not, that is a steal for a top notch game like Alan Wake.

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Just got it. Can't beat $4 for the game and DLC.

What does this mean for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain with all of its songs?

Actually I'm not really worried about that. I would imagine that Kojima had it licenses like movies are. You know, where you can still buy it 20-30 years later? Even with better resolutions are cheap prices.

GTA seems to always be fine as were many other games. I'm curious as to how Remedy handled their licensings to get into this mess.

Is really a digital games problem and bad music companies? or is just MS throw it to the garbage because is not blockbuster? and Remedy after the another poor deal with MS is so economic weak that can't support her own game?
I Bet QB will be disapear too?



It's not like I'm going back to play it again, I still have American Nightmare that I have to finish but it's still installed so.

Airaku said:

GTA seems to always be fine as were many other games. I'm curious as to how Remedy handled their licensings to get into this mess.

This happened to GTA: San Andreas almost three years ago:


17 songs removed due to... yep, end of licensing rights. And, as this PCGamer article of that time explains, the same happened with Vice City.

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