Can we all agree that tomatoes are disgusting?

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Now, tomatoes can be useful when used in the right way, such as for spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce. But a tomato in its own? Horrible!! I've been able to accept and enjoy other foods throughout the years, but tomatoes are still the enemy of the tongue and the sense of taste!! Don't believe me? Look at these disgusting photos!:

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Can't agree on that. Tomatoes are fine, not great but if half a tomato comes with my fry up I'll gladly eat it, no problem there!

We can probably all agree that your opinion about tomatoes is bad though

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i can eat tomatoes like they are apples. Great taste.

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I used to think like you, a few years ago. Nowadays I could just eat tomatoes alone. They are so damn great. 

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Thanks guys! You're making it really easy for me to determine who to put on my enemies list!!

They're nice in sauce form, but that's it.


No, I actually think their great.

In love with fried tomatoes. Nothing like it!

tomatoes are fine, one thing i like to eat alone and raw is Onion, i dunno why but i like the taste.


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