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Metroid game on Switch that is like Super Metroid.

I'll probably be asking for that again with whatever Nintendo's next system is in the future.

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A new PlayStation handheld to be announced in E3 will be great for me.

A new Metroid game! It can be 2D, 3D, I don't care (everything but a direct sequel to Other M)

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I... I just want a new Metroid. I'm fine with both Prime and 2D, but I think it's time for Metroid 5 to happen. With Samus as a fugitive, fighting the Galactic Federation.

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TruckOSaurus said:
(everything but a direct sequel to Other M)

That already exists. It's called Metroid Fusion.

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maxleresistant said:
FromDK said:

Yes..?  We have seen the patents.. and they talk more and more about it..

"Kimishima also hinted that Nintendo has a VR future in the interview with Bloomberg. Kimishima said the “opportunity is available” for Nintendo to pursue VR games, and he went on to say, “It may be that we will build VR software titles.”

there are plenty of patents that never materialized.

Also, of course they talked about VR, because it's the new thing, it's just so that investors and the press can shut up about it.

But VR just can't happen with the Switch specs. It is just not doable to create a real gaming VR experience.

So I can tell you that Switch VR is a bad idea, and if happens anyway (because Nintendo loves bad ideas), I can also tell you that it will be awful, and nobody will use it.

1. You do not know anything.. you may think you do.. but that just makes it sad.

2. Nintendo have talked about VR long time before it even was a "buzz" word.. and arcording to them self.. experimentet with VR last +15 years.

3. You think that you know what specs VR need to be good.. You dont.. VR is not set in stone.. and even the 4-5 sets on the marked at this moment all use different ways.. screen.. placement of gyro.. number.. cam/no cam and so on.. Nintendo may do it in another way.. use other method.. other ways of getting the VR experinces.. and also remember that Nintendo games use different artstyle, that may not need 4k to look good.

4. So please back of.. and also this topic is about what I dream of.. Not if you think its posible.

Areym said:
axumblade said:
I want Civilization VI on the Switch. When that doesnt happen I'll insist for Super Mario RPG 2.

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OT: Jak & Daxter Remake, that would make me ejaculate uncontrollably but I'd settled say FFVII part 1 or GoW coming out this fall or a KH3 release announcement.

After the success of Ratchet and Clank...I completely expect either a remake of Jak and Daxter or another Ratchet and Clank remake to be in the cards...which either would make me happy but I feel Jak and Daxter needs another chance. It's a bit unfair that just because Naughty Dog have moved on that Jak getd completely ignored. 

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Realistically, I want to see Borderlands 3 and Psychonauts 2 unveiled.

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The sequel to Metroid Fusion.

A new Metroid mainline game.

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