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The 2DS is a good idea. For consumers, it's another entry point into what management feels is a very robust and valuable game library. 2016 showed that generating interest in the 3DS was really good for the sales of evergreen games. They had a slide about this in their presentation to investors.

The 3DS family can continue to do this into 2017 and the New 2DS XL is part of that strategy.

As for the NES Classic, who knows why they discontinued it. There are a ton of theories that make sense though. The most likely being that they probably don't make a whole lot of money off of it after manufacturing costs and licensing costs.

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Please stop with the bitching about the NES classic. There are several reasons as to why they would stop the production of it.

The new 2DS looks great. I want one and I already have a 3DS XL.

Let them down? I think you've got that part mistaken as since Pokemon Go their management have the company flying.

I don't think really think so.

I think if you want to point at things Nintendo themselves is probably not happy with it would be more that they allowed Niantic to publish Pokemon Go (this probably cost them several hundred millions of dollars) and Mario Run with the $9.99 thing was not a good idea.

2DS/3DS is for kids. If anything I think it gives Nintendo more flexibility to keep marketing the Switch at adults, which is good. For a 5/6/7/8 year old, 2DS/3DS is good enough, you don't need some cutting edge portable console for kiddies. It introduces them to all the Nintendo IP staples and Pokemon. Once they get older they can graduate up to Switch. What's the problem here? You really want Nintendo diverting marketing resources for Switch to go aim at 6 year olds?

NES Classic is more controversial, having said that if they have big plans for Switch VC/back catalog games, then I think cutting the NES Classic is the correct move (though I understand consumers being pissed off). You devalue that back catalog to Switch if you're offering the games in a different way. BUT I will say that on the basis that VC/back catalog is much better utilized on Switch. There's a lot they can do with it (like adding online play to older titles as they've already said). If they just axed the NES Classic to have a half-assed VC service on Switch, then no, that's bad. 

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SegataSanshiro said:
The new 2DS looks great. I want one and I already have a 3DS XL.

Same here, I already own a New 3DS XL and I'm far more interested in getting that 2DS than a Switch.

Shadowcat said:

Nintendo immediately follows the HUGE launch success of their flagship platform with...

A couple questionable business decisions:(

1) A new 2DS???

 Reggie just made a statement (probably cuz shareholders are like What is going on??)


In said statement he says 3DS outsells 2DS 9:1 and the reason is cuz people like the 3d function. So they make a clamshell 2DS?? That doesn't address the issue!

2) Nintendo discontinues the NES classic

This is a real head scratcher now. At first it was understandable if they needed to put all that production power into the Switch. But then they turn around and put it into the 2DS!?!? 


Consumers are absolutely chomping at the bit to get it still. It would have sold MILLIONS more easily.



Sometimes I think that the shot-callers at Nintendo need to be TURNED OUT. The game designers, engineers, and shareholders deserve better. If the production lines aren't an issue (as seen by the production going into the New 2DS) listen to your customers, double down on classic systems and sell compilation mini cartridges for NES and SNES mini consoles. You'd be surprised when that is a huge success. Now that the Switch is set in motion the Nintendo Game Machine par excellence will turn it into the next Wii as long as the bumbling Nintendo management doesn't waste their time with rediculous side projects.

2DS XL total make sense, point of 2DS XL is very obvious and simple, to offer cheaper alternative of New 3DS XL, it's basically New 3DS XL just without 3D and with $50 lover price point.

Actually most of people don't care at all about 3D feature in 3DS, but with 2DS compared to regular 3DS they cared about clamshell design.

And for info, Last FY year, 2DS had 20% of all 3DS sales in Japan, 30% in US, and 50% of sales of all 3DS sales in Europe.



Talking about NES Mini, they definitely could continue producing it, but they saying that NES Mini from start was product just for couple of quarters (most likly was just holiday season product beacuse Wii U was dead), and we already had rumor they are working on SNES Mini now.

Considering the Switch is killing it in sales after the Wii U shat the bed, I'd say management is doing a great job.

On the contrary, I think launching the 2DS XL is a smart move. Nintendo obviously wants to continue to support this system, so by releasing another version, they can continue to do so

As for discontinuing the NES mini, it does seem to be an odd move, unless they are actually making an SNES mini

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Thanks for the link. Even better than the one I would have posted. Kudos.