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So recently I spent some time in the Vgchartz discord chat.  It was a fun experience.  Lots of banter,  especially for me.  However when I returned the banter there was always meltdowns and eventually RavenXtra removed me to satisfy the mob. 


It got me thinking.  There should be a discord chat set up that's welcoming to all Vgchartz users especially Sony fans who are the least welcome over there.  It should also be pro Vgchartz.  There's too much negativity for the site written over there and even occasionally from mods.  The atmosphere can be too toxic regarding Vgchartz imo. 


I'm thinking of messaging ioi and machina to discuss setting up an official discord chat room where we can all positively discuss Vgchartz and gaming topics in general.  


Just want to hear the opinions of the average Joe on Vgchartz first.  Would you like it? 

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Sony fans have been there since the beginning of that chat, perhaps its not the chat that has the problem.

This also has nothing to do with Gaming Discussion, and off-site activity of users isn't to be a topic of discussion on the forum.



You really think that there is demand for a chat with you?

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