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Upgrading to the full-fledged version of Windows 10 from Windows 10 S only costs $49


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Well, I guess it looks nice but a proprietary charger (and no USB - C), a gimped and unnecessary version of Windows 10 that'll eventually fail, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and Intel HD only for a $999 isn't worth it, even for students. You will be able to upgrade for Windows 10 Pro but after this year ends it'll cost $50...

The OS is clearly designed to compete with Chrome OS, however their laptop competes against high end Chromebooks and the Macbook Air...I guess it could do moderately well in educational markets, but Chrome OS is still faster and Play Store support kicks the W10 store's ass.

They're cool and MS always makes the most attractive devices. But t the Surface Book is phenomenal and sold really well. I'd go with that if i didn't already have a Surface 3.

I think it is a bit expensive for what you get, but I do like it. In general I really like the direction Micorosft is taking Windows and its Surface devices. The Windows Store and Universal Windows Apps are the dream I have been talking about since the early 90's. This simpler W10S is exactly the kind of thing I want from a PC, and I hope Scorpio is basically a W10S PC as well.

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Not even Apple limits their PC users like this.

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JRPGfan said:
" This Surface device will be running Windows 10 S, a new version of Windows that is focused on the education market. Windows 10 S can only run verified apps from Windows Store."

isnt that a issue?

It's quite clear that MS wants future Windows versions to only download apps through the store. People are saying that it will flop. It won't, they own the system and they can do whatever they want if they really, really, want to. They just have to talk to Adobe, Autodesk and other big companies to have the big apps there. Then they will sistematically fade away Win32. Probably make them hard to install or simply making they run badly.

Anyone that doesn't want to sell their apps to the store will be locked out. EU will complain, but it will be just like Netscape: the whole discussion will last long enough to kill any competition.

That's why Valve tried the Steam OS stuff, they saw the writting on the wall, they know MS will try to drive them off their business and they have a high chance of success.

Apple and Google do a ton of cash becaise they get 30% of all store sales.  MS only sells the OS and its price is already commoditized. If they monetize the store and force everyone to use it, the cash flow is immense. Corporations will also love it, because they will get easy software deploys, virus-free machines and increased control over their machines. Average joes will love to download software as easily as they do on their phones. Joes are the majority and most of the times they end up installing Baidu or some shady stuff by accident. The minority of users (advanced) will be pissed, but they don't have another option anyways. The best they can do is not upgrade Windows, but MS is showing that driver support to newer hardware won't be available on older Windows, so they will have to quit whining eventually.

I'm not saying it will be a huge tragedy, I'm just reporting what will most likely happen.

The target market won't buy it. They will stick with chromebook. Price is too high.