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Dunno why the question came to me, but now I'm curious. What's the hardest game you people have ever beaten?

For clarification, it's valid whether it is a standard game with high/unforgiving difficult select options, or just a game with a strict set difficulty you can't change.


I can't really think of the hardest game I've beaten thus far, but apparently plenty of people consider Faster than Light to be quite the challenge, so I'll go with that one for the time being. Either that or I wanna be the Guy, but this later one is kinda cheating considering that game is designed to be just unforgivinly frustrating, so there isn't much merit to its difficulty.

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Super Meat Boy 106%, I guess. Twice.

I'd like to be able to say Zelda 2, but I never could.

Edit: oh yeah, and Metroid 1. Thanks for making me remember killeryoshis. (though I did use save states, because fuck Kraid and Mother Brain.)

Modern Warfare on Veteran was brutal especially that last mission in the plane gawd.

I know why the question came to you

Anyways, I am not too good at games myself, so I haven't really beaten any game that I'd consider hard. I've played hard games, but I haven't managed to get to the end. Maybe if I beat Nocturne that'll be #1, but it's not really what I'd consider the hardest, as it's strategy based instead of reflex based.

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (though that was with friends xD)

Alone I guess for alone wise...Devil May Cry 3 Dante's Awakening on PS2 - did all missions in every difficulty mode including Dante Must Die Mode.


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Probably Arkham City on New game plus, or a no kill run in Dishonored.

Not exactly a landmark in this category but I rarely try to push it because often it just annoys me.

Ninja Gaiden Black

Can't think of any games that I beat that I would consider hard at the top of my head, besides Dark Souls I guess.

I beat the original Zelda about a decade ago, and I thought that was a tough game.

Metro 2033 Redux on the hardest difficulty was also a bit insane at some parts.

Might be the NES port of Ghosts and Goblins, beat it through twice to get the proper ending.

Ultrashroomz said:

Metro 2033 Redux on the hardest difficulty was also a bit insane at some parts.

That's the one that basically makes Artyom die with one or two hits, removes all HUD elements and pray you find ammo, right?