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KLXVER said:

I dont know. Why did they feel the need to counter the Wii with the Move...or the PC with the Pro?

You mean when they tried to cash in on what MS already did with Kinect?. Both ended up failing compared to the Wii mote. The pro isn't selling bucketloads compared to the OG system, so they were hardly designed in mind to completely overthrow what some think they were meant for.


But seriously, why do they need to counter the Switch, why do we need what OP is describing ?. 


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It's not even possible to make a device Switch sized to have the power of PS4 yet and esp not one that is affordable. Also I would never use Knack 2 as a selling point rofl. In a few years possibly. ATM Switch is maybe the most powerful you can get before making it cost a lot more and drains the battery in a hot second.

KLXVER said:
NewGuy said:

Onlive was a streaming service. Ouya was poorly implemented. Nvidia Shield found its niche.

Im not sure Sony is interested in niche.

They still release TVs and phones, and they haven't killed the vita yet, so I think they are.

this is literally an awful idea haha, no offense to the OP. Maybe he doesn't understand there is a reason why the Switch isn't as powerful as a ps4 while being a handheld and being offered at $300...cuz that technology/price point/battery life is years away.

NewGuy said:
KLXVER said:

Im not sure Sony is interested in niche.

They still release TVs and phones, and they haven't killed the vita yet, so I think they are.

Well then maybe a PS4 Portable is something they should consider.

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Sony doesn't really need to do anything as of yet in response to switch because it's concept is still unproven. Unless it sells around playstation consoles or wii levels, it's not worth it for Sony to come out with a hybrid console of their own. I hope that it does well but I doubt that Sony would ever bother with that. It's Nintendo doing their own thing.

rodea_sky_soldier said:
niceguygameplayer said:

Sony is the exclusive King. This year brings Horizon Zero Dawn, Gravity Rush 2,  Ni No Kuni 2, Gran Turismo, Uncharted: The lost Legacy, Final Fantasy 12 remaster, Yazuka 0, Nioh, Nier Automata, Kingdom Hearts, Valkyria Revolution, Wipeout Omega Collection, Knack 2, MLB: The Show, etc. Possibly God of War 4 too. In 2018 they will likely release The Last of Us 2, FF7 remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, Days Gone, Yakuza 6, Detroit, Dreams, and God of War 4 if not in 2017. 

80% from this list is third party and could easily be a release for Switch. Just saying.

Only 45% of that is third party actually. Just saying

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F.Scofield said:

First of all, sony isn't exclusive king, not even close to,

They are in the home console market. Because they have more exclusive games than their competition. That's the definition.

half of the games you listed are 3rd parties

Yeah that's kinda been Sony's thing for the past 20+ years. Third party exclusives.

Its hard for them to counter the switch in the hybrid/portable space because it is
PlayStation's weakness (IMHO) so instead of covering their weakness they should just Develop/Supplement their Strengths.

Sony doesn't necessarily need to counter the Switch, but they do need to offer a broader range of devices.

I think that a PS4 Portable absolutely needs to happen once 7nm chips are available. The current PS4 Slim only uses about 60 Watts in the heaviest gaming, they will easily be able to drop this down below 20 Watts with a 7nm APU, and newer lower power higher density RAM chips, among many other improvements and reductions over the next few years, and with the removal of parts not needed for a portable. The $300 price point may even be high by 2019.

They also should offer PS4 in a Tablet/Laptop form and offer a 4G variation of the PS4 Portable that can be used as a

Eventually, all Sony products should be using a standard and scalable chipset customized for each device, and running on the PS4 OS. Sony should be building a unified ecosystem, so whether you buy a TV, laptop, console, camera, phone, car audio deck, or any other Sony product, they all work together harmoniously. All Sony products should be able to run PlayStation games, as Sony should be leveraging its assets and content to create higher demand for all of their products. It is not about selling PS4 consoles, it is about getting as many people on your hardware, your OS, and your ecosystem.

That is how Sony should not only counter the Switch, but compete in every market of the industry. They are already in all the markets above, but right now they are battling themselves, moving all products to a scalable chip set and a unified Sony OS, will drive revenue and profits well beyond record highs. Which in turn means more new games, more new IP, and more new ways to play.

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