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this is like a DS Power


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Very good announcement by Nintendo. That's the best looking Nintendo DS I've seen yet and it comes with a good price!

Mar1217 said:
Paperboy_J said:
I must be the only person on the planet who likes the 3D feature...

Lol, you're not alone. 

I'm here too!

Paperboy_J said:

Well... it's 3D.  What other "use" is there other than that?

You get to see your games in 3D.  That's it.  That's the feature.  What else were you expecting from it?  What else is it supposed to do?


I wanted a system equivalent to the 3DS in terms of library and capabilites to run the games without the 3D feature.


Sadly it came 4 years after I got my 3DS.


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Oh how I wish that this was the way the 2DS was from the start. Beautiful design. Good price, but at $129 it would've been irresistible.

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AlfredoTurkey said:
onionberry said:

 this one has the processing power of the new 3ds, a bigger screen it's cheaper than the new 3ds kinda and cute.

I'm not so sure "cute" is a selling point for the majority of grown men... 

lol "grown men"

I just realized, are those holes on the bottom left/right corners the speakers?

Won't your hands end up covering them if you hold them in a lounged way?

Besides that, I actually like this model of 3DS, maybe I'll buy one if I have $150 to waste.

Pemalite said:
Probably to hit the lower price point that the Switch can't hit.

Exactly. This is the $150 handheld you give to your neice with Pokemon and Professor Layton. Take the Switch yourself and trash Hyrule in your big boy pants suckah

why though sigh...

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Quodam_Diem said:

I dont think we should compare N2DSXL with the game boy Micro. Micro was more like an experiment just to see how the market would react in this model. Secondly, it was not promoted the same way like the N2DSXL. To e honest, I dont really remember them putting too much effort, trying to push sales. It was more like we "suspend Game boy family and this is a farewell". N2DSXL is promoted the same way with the previous 3DS models. Also, as you can see the design is better than the design of micro by far. The aim here is clearly to push sales and to show that 3ds is still around. What do you think? 

Edit. Forgot to mention that I bought a pink 3ds model, gave it to my sisters, then bought blue N3DSXL and I'm really interested in buying the new one, just to have it in my library, or playing with it occasionally. As you can see, I'm really surprised and excited about the new 2DS .

Then shall we compare it to the Wii Mini?  Or perhaps the backlit Gameboy Advance SP?  Or maybe the PSone?  Or the Xbox 360 E? 

Companies have released final revisions of consoles just before or just after their successors many times before.  It's pretty SOP.