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Lol ... that name though. I guess Nintendo is slowly, but consequently getting to SF2 level of ridiculousness in naming their next iterations.  All they're missing is "Turbo" at the end of the name.

And I don't know if I missed something, but what happened to regular 2DS XL?  

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I like the idea. If not for me already owning the Switch and using it rouhgly 90% as a handheld console, I'd actually consider getting it.

What Nintendo should do is use the 2DS XL as a sort of "handheld lite"/kid friendlier option that can co exist with the Switch and keep it going, at least for a few years of so. The handheld Nintendo team can still contribute to the Switch library, but can also throw the 3DS/2DS line a bone as well. They could also stress Virtual console of the older handheld games for Gameboy/GBC/GBA/DS, while Switch can emphasize the home consoles.

Then you'll essentially have a nice 3-tier system of platforms to prop you up - the more kid-focused, handheld-centric 2DS/3DS that can act as a sort of ultimate handheld hub for Nintendo, the mobile games which can focus on the mass market/"casual" crowd, and the Switch, which is the home console-focused machine that would emphasize more deeper gaming experiences and the core/older gamers (and get the bulk of the games).

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Well, that is not as random as it seems. Rememer the GBA Micro? It came out almost at the same time as the DS. However, they have no excuse to have Switch supply issues if they can afford making new models of old hardware.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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The upper screen looks like an iPhone

onionberry said:
KLXVER said:

How much more does a regular N3DSXL cost at this point? Cant be much more than 150 bucks...

$199.99 and 0 stock, you can't even buy the thing since last year.

Where have you been looking? I can walk down to the shop and buy one right now xD

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I might be in the market for one of those! I've been wanting a new 3DS for a while but couldn't justify it at 200€, with my regular 3ds xl a little worse for he wear but still perfectly functional. This might be enough incentive to get it this year and play my 3ds backlog on it inbetween playing the Switch.

Meh, if they were going to do a post-switch launch in the 3ds family I'd want it to be Dirt Cheap. But I like the idea.

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potato_hamster said:
Still believe the Switch is replacing the 3DS as a handheld?

It appears Nintendo may not think so.

It is still no successor to the 3DS. But still, this is strange. I really thought Nintendo by now would softly push 3DS-owners towards the Switch. Seems they want to let the 3DS live on a little longer.

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At first I was thinking... why... but fucking hell that looks beautiful. Looks like the peak of the 3ds series for me considering that I can't really enjoy the 3d element of the system.

One thing absent from the video but can't imagine they cut it from the system, is DS support, if that has it then it really is the best 3ds imo.

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I dont think we should compare N2DSXL with the game boy Micro. Micro was more like an experiment just to see how the market would react in this model. Secondly, it was not promoted the same way like the N2DSXL. To e honest, I dont really remember them putting too much effort, trying to push sales. It was more like we "suspend Game boy family and this is a farewell". N2DSXL is promoted the same way with the previous 3DS models. Also, as you can see the design is better than the design of micro by far. The aim here is clearly to push sales and to show that 3ds is still around. What do you think? 

Edit. Forgot to mention that I bought a pink 3ds model, gave it to my sisters, then bought blue N3DSXL and I'm really interested in buying the new one, just to have it in my library, or playing with it occasionally. As you can see, I'm really surprised and excited about the new 2DS .