So what did you name your Persona 5 main character?

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I named him YourMama Stankin. And you?

(Damn auto-type.)

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I went for default as usual. I looked up him name in the manga of the game and his name is Akira. I then used Yu's last name, from Persona 4, as his last name. It would feel weird if he had a white name XD

Akira Kurusu, cause I'm boring.

If I do NG+ tho, I might go with this:

I used my own name, which I hate doing. Stupid game should have a default option

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Muh gamer name. So Farsala. Just finished the game was odd with that name, but probably would be odd with any name.

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My real name, like I always do in these games. The guy doesn't talk on his own, so if I don't treat him as an avatar, he's one hell of a boring character.

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Since he is a thief and I'm not creative at all I named him Leonard Snart


The same name I used for Persona 1, Persona 2, Persona 3 and Persona 4's MCs.

Basil Varghese


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I hope someone named him Setsuna.

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" Shikamo " very creative right ? :P


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