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Oh, and relevant to this discussion about freely open sales numbers, I made this thread proposing that VGC try to become a more serious competitor to the NPD.


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SpokenTruth said:
TheBlackNaruto said:

I mean I know that it is their business to make sure that data is scerect but I am still just curious as to why it is such a heavily guarded secret with NPD. Like why are just the US numbers so heavily guarded? When we can get UK numbers and Japan numbers for instance on a regular....heck even France and Spain from time to time. But the US....if those numbers get out it is like the world will end or something....

NPD subscriptions cost $2500 to $10,000 per report.  That's why they guard it so tightly.  If that info* became public, they'd lose hundreds of subscribers.


* - Info includes a whole lot more than just the top 10 we tend to focus on.

See I never knew that. Well that helps and makes more sense then!

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Shadow1980 said:
Acevil said:

Because it is their business to make sure data is secret. People pay for those numbers. Only reason some market reaearch forms might share data is to show sneak peak at analysis. 

But they freely shared numbers, especially hardware numbers, for many years with no problem. It was only recently that they started being super-secretive, with all this cloak-and-dagger crap surrounding the numbers. Why now, after all these years?

Just noticed how much I hate typing on my mobile. I explained why it might have been in the past as a sneak peak (didn't eleberate), now they most likely have customer base to keep it secret. If you are paying 1000s of dollars on research, you don't want it freely available to random joe. 


It's also possible part of the reason they keep the numbers secret is sites like VGChartz that are making their own approximations. They don't want to help competitor sites and services be more accurate.