Wait, DID Horizon First Week Global Sales Really Outpace BotW's? (PLEASE READ FIRST POST)

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Which did you enjoy more?

Breath of the Wild 402 32.74%
Horizon: Zero Dawn 377 30.70%
I haven't played both yet/Unsure 286 23.29%
See Results 163 13.27%
Miyamotoo said:
Zekkyou said:

It's also worth noting that while install-base is relevant, they can't be compared linearly. 1 million PS4 users is not the same as 1 million WiiU/Switch users, etc. That Zelda also outsold every previous entry in the series, despite the 2nd smallest release install-base, should make the inadequacies of that comparison clear.


You cant ignore fact that PS4 has instal base of 55m, while Wii U thats dead for quite time now has instal base of 13-14m and that those numbers for Switch Zelda are just for first 2 days of Switch on market with limited stocks.

Was this intended for someone else? It doesn't make sense as a reply to comment. I'm obviously aware of the install base disparity, given i'm literally talking about it in that quote :p I expect Zelda would have sold more if was being sold to 55 million customers, but that's not particularly relevant to anything i said.

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If Horizon's numbers are correct, then it'll be a major seller and a major playstation franchise. Its first week numbers are superior to the likes of Uncharted 2 and TLOU. Also better than any of the killzone's games, by far. It will be GG's best selling game ever 3 weeks in, at the latest. It will possibly sell 7+ million WW, which is huge.

Zelda, for all its critical accolades (which I think it ends up being overrated due to nostalgia, but I digress), has never really set the world on fire in the sales departments. That is, no game has ever reached the 8+ million sales (if you count a single sku and not combined re-releases).

We can only speculate brah

I'd say it's pretty fantastic numbers for BoTW considering it's a launch title for a new system. Whereas the PS4 has sold 55 million units and Horizon sold 1.8 million. Both games have great launch sales, hopefully they have legs.

Porcupine_I said:
Why is that even a thing?

Both are successful, which is good, both are great games, which is good, and i even heard it is possible for the same person to play and enjoy both of them for what they are.

Really why should anyone care which one sells better, it doesn't lessen the other game, or does it?

It's so one feels like a winner.

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Its not a surprise considering the ps4 has more systems out there than the switch and wii u combined. Also, a lot of people were holding out to get a switch until more games are out or couldnt get a Switch day 1. So we will see. Sales will be in Horizons favor for a while but who knows who will win in the end.

Isn't it partly due to the fact that horizon came out a couple of days earlier? Meaning the week ending March 4th measures 4 days of horizon sales and only 2 of BotW?

Amario&zeldafan said:
Isn't it partly due to the fact that horizon came out a couple of days earlier? Meaning the week ending March 4th measures 4 days of horizon sales and only 2 of BotW?

It's difficult to say how significant an effect that will have had (the biggest sales day for major new releases tends to be Day 1), but it will have contributed to it yes. The Switch's supply issues will probably have mitigated that to a degree though.

What's surprising is that it happened at all though. Not many people expected Horizon to sell 1.5+ million, so by extension it beating Zelda (even if probably only temporerily) is surprising. It's a brand new IP and it's within a stones throw of Uncharted 4 numbers. That's somewhat unexpected :p

Lot of salt here in this thread, and the spawning of other defense threads is always fun too!

Haven't finished BotW yet, got sidetracked by Persona 5. Once I have those two down though I will finally get Horizon and see what the hype is about!

Zelda not having competition is wrong - Competition exists on other platforms as well, not just on the same consoles. Horizon is a direct competitor to Zelda. Yes on Switch itself it has no real competition, but elsewhere is a completely different story.

And again, Zelda is limited by both installbase and supply constraints on Switch. If Switch launched with 3 million consoles day 1, how much do you doubt that Zelda would've sold on at least 80% of those? But it didn't, and most people can't even find one. This isn't the case for Horizon. On top of that, people on Switch have to put down $300 to get to Zelda. 


Horizon having other games on the system released months and years ago isn't direct competition. Most people will buy new games later on and not say 'oh, I got Uncharted 4, so I don't need horizon'. What competes with horizon are games released close to its release, not the entirety of the library released prior. That's just crap logic.