Forums - Gaming Discussion - Wait, DID Horizon First Week Global Sales Really Outpace BotW's? (PLEASE READ FIRST POST)

Which did you enjoy more?

Breath of the Wild 402 32.74%
Horizon: Zero Dawn 377 30.70%
I haven't played both yet/Unsure 286 23.29%
See Results 163 13.27%




We're all well aware that combined BotW sales have now surpassed Horizon. This thread is a result of my disbelief that global first week sales for Horizon exceeded that of BotW. If you post with "new information" on how BotW has passed Horizon now, you actively give everyone in the thread permission to point and laugh at you.


Color me surprised. I personally enjoyed BotW a lot, but I haven't bothered playing Horizon to find out if one is really better than the other.

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Both have great sales for what they are.

Boutros said:
Both have great sales for what they are.

No arguments here, I just haven't played Horizon yet. 

Shouldn't really come as a surprise what with BotW being primarily a Switch game. That said, both games have strong sales so far.

Breath of the Wild, i Played Horizon a lot but i dont liked enought... but breath of the wild to me is a masterpiece. ( MY OPINION!!! )


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I'm not sure if the experiences profit from being compared to each other.

To OP: I doubt that HZD will sell as much as Zelda in the long run. Nintendo games rely on legs.

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Well the switch is out of stock and I doubt most people will buy it on the wiiU instead of it on the Switch... Not to mention that the switch is supposed to sell 2 million in it's first month.

I suggest waiting for a few months until the stock issues have gone before assuming Horizon will outsell BoTW permanently.


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Is it really that surprising considering it's an installbase of 55m vs. 15m (13 coming from a dead system). Zelda will most likely out leg it.

Breath of the wild is one of two (maybe 3) IPs that can sell that amazing on a new system.
Horizon was a brand new IP releasing on a huge userbase.

Basically a huge game on a small userbase, and a new game on a huge userbase.

edit: That and the switch has no real other AAA games, and hasn't seen one in the last 5 years. So of course it got mega-purchased.

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Zelda released on a new, sold out console and a dead one while HZD is a new Ip on a 50m userbase.

I think Zelda will have better legs, but overall both deserve their sales considering the context.