Did Sony make a mistake by be first to release an upgraded console.

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No worries, Sony is a leader and always takes the first step where MS follows....Sony has been always one step ahead of MS all this generation.... in fact, Scorpio is a reaction to PS PRO where MS knew that such console exists.

Don't be surprised if Sony has a hidden ACE in upcoming E3... (None hardware though).

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Intrinsic said:
KBG29 said:
The console market has changed, we will be seeing new hardware from one or multiple competitors on a yearly bases. Sony and Microsoft both made the decision to go to a more consumer electronics like release cycle with PS4 and XBO when they choose standard hardware and APUs. As a result, they will be one upping each other every other year, and at times their will be head to head battles.

That will never happen.

Now if you said we would see nw hardware at every node shrink? then I would totally agree with you.

What has made these current itterations possible is the node shrink from 28nm to 14/16nm. There is nothing happenning in the industry thats significant enough to warrant any new itterations till 7nm nodes come along.

And if the industry keeps its currnt pace, we will see node shrinks every 3-4years.

7nm nodes are due to become mainstream/available around 2019. So expect new hardware in 2020. 

I was taking into account new form factors. I fully believe Sony and Nintendo will put out more options to build out their ecosystem, considering how important their hardware and ecosystems are. It would not shock me to see a Portable PS4 next year, and a Switch Mini. Then a PS4 and XBO revision in 2019, followed by a Switch revision in 2020, and so on and so forth.

It just seems like we have reach a point where they are no longer trying to compete head to head at the same launch, and they are all willing to take time and try to capture the spot light in their own window.

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Not at all. They released the Pro just when new tech was available (16nm) and it's released ideally between PS4 and their next console PS5 (which will be ideally released when 7nm will be available, in 2019 or 2020).

Microsoft did make a mistake by not releasing their console last year as soon as 16nm was available. I still think they created Scorpio as a reaction to Sony's Pro.

What will Microsoft do when Sony release their PS5 monster at 7nm tech + HBM2 2 years only after the release of their Scorpio ?

AMD low power Zen CPU (7nm) will be released in 2019:

The production actually begins in 2018:

setsunatenshi said:
The wrong move would be to artificially delay the pro just to specmatch the scorpio.

As we sit, by the time the scorpio is out, the pro will be out for a year. The gen is hitting 4 years and the ps5 is ever so close.

That's where the real jump should happen. And the new console should be able to have its exclusives without being dragged down by the ps4.

The Scorpio will force a price cut on the Pro prematurely. PS5 isnt dropping until 2019 or 2020. Hardware is meaningless in the grand spectrum of things. You'll see that its only a *bleep* measuring contest for Microsoft. The only thing that makes Sony look stupid, is thinking the pro could ever stop hardcore gamers from jumping ship to PC with the specs of the pro. This gave Microsoft the chance they needed to win a petty battle, but find they are far from winning the war.

Best decision ever. If needs be the Pro will be sold this holiday for $299. They have the cheaper 4k console, the best games line up and worldwide demand. They can't lose.

I'm predicting it will be $100 cheaper than the scorpio but $150/200 cheaper is possible. Even if it's "only" $100 cheaper scorpio has zero chance of winning. Hence why I think it was a great decision getting it out early.

If the ps5 releases in 2020 that will be 4 year gap since the Pro. And that's sufficient. But for Xbox unless they delay it to 2021 it will be only 3 years. Not enough of a gap.

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I don't think its a mistake I would say they made a mistake not including a bit more RAM and personally if the Scorpio was a Sony Console and Microsoft released the PS4 Pro (with the consoles playing the games from the company that made them) I would have deff stayed with sony as a main console.

Anyway, they got a year ahead and they managed to give a ton of value for people who didn't pick up a ps4 yet and also catering to their hardcore fans, which sony has way more of then microsoft.

Not just that they also have a good reason to release the PS5 earlier then the next xbox console and they proberbly will have the better deal price-wise for the rest of the generation.

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Not really. Upgraded hardware wasn't needed next gen. Sony put their efforts instead into exclusives which is paying off pretty damn well right now. Meanwhile the xbox will soon have a new super powerful box with no first parties.

Premium models aren't movers and shakers. They're just a premium option.

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No. Price and specs were perfectly timed. If PS4 Pro fails, then that just means most consumers aren't into mid-gen upgrade as a whole concept.

If Sony made the Pro more powerful and released it 6-12 months after the Scorpio, it would have been too close to the PS5 and more of a late-gen upgrade. The gap between current and next gen Playstation would be too small.

Scropio's absurd power upgrade over the original X1 was an overkill for a mid-gen upgrade. It indicates that Microsoft will no longer produce traditional consoles. They're turning Xbox into a closed PC of sorts.

We'll see once the Scorpio releases.