Did Sony make a mistake by be first to release an upgraded console.

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konkari said:

It will be interesting to see just how high sales numbers scorpio can get. Will hardcore players choose scorpio over pc, and what is the reaction of mainstrean players. I dont see PS4 position to be under pressure due to great games.

The gen was done and dusted a long time ago, and with no Pro we wouldn't have a Scorpio, instead we would have had the continuation of a rare power and price advantage for the PS4 , Sony's reasoning was they wanted to stop the mid gen slow down that they some how blamed on a widening performance gap during the gen tempting gamers  to move to PC,. even though it happened to the Wii and hand helds , if anything it was some one upstairs privately saying that the PS4 was underpowered at launch for a console eyeing a 5 year or more lifespan and lets do something about it.

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From the looks of things PS4 pro was planned all they way since the first release of PS4. XB1 scorpio, on the other hand, seems like a desperate attempt from MS to boost sales and stay in competition. In other words, PS4 pro is a planned product, XB1 scorpio is an unplanned one.

Plus I doubt that most developers will ever rush to make games that use the full potential of XB1 scorpio, most of 3rd part games will be cross platform, so it will be very unwise and cost-ineffective to make copies of a cross platform game that use the full potential of Xb1 scorpio unless they make those games more expensive which again is going to be a big gamble for developers as no one knows how well XB1 scorpio will sell, this is more like the XB360/PS3 situation. Add to that the fact that XB1 sales are way behind PS4 so for the vast majority of 3rd party developers it would still be better to ensure that they have access to the PS4 owners base.

I really doubt that XB1 scorpio will be game changer, I expect it to only to show marginal boost to the overall XB1 sales.

No, it wasn't. Being first gives sony more time make some money off of the PS4 pro before it releases its next gen console.

I think it was a mistake.
Sony are already the market leader and so why the need for an mid-cycle upgrade? For 4K gaming I hear you say? Well that's the thing the PS4 Pro doesn't have the grunt to fully realize this vision. Yes games look good with the upscaling on offer but IMO they should have waited a few more years and delivered a PS5 that wiped the floor with the competition and offered true native 4K gaming with stable frame rates.
When the PS3 was released Sony promised us HD gaming. They were unable to do this and nearly every game ran at 720p - they simply didn't have the power to run the games at 1080p / 60fps on that console. Now we have the excellent PS4 to play with and instead of giving us the solid 1080p / 60fps experience everyone has been waiting for they are obsessed with 4K and the cycle begins anew.

I don't think it is fair to compare the PS3 situation with the PS4. PS3 had a lot of problems due to its unusual CBE which put many developers off. However, some games did run at 1080p/60fps on PS3 so in a way they deliverd what they promised, partially. PS4 pro is not meant to be a true upgrade, it's basically a PS4 that is capable of playing PS4 games at 4k resolution so it's not meant to replace the standard PS4, it's meant to be an option for new comers who own 4k TVs. They said from the day they released PS4 pro that there won't be any games exclusive to the pro version. I own a standard PS4 and I'm very happy with it and to be honest I don't see the need to get a PS4 pro. Bottom line, I don't think they rushed the PS4 pro nor they made a mistake by releasing it before the Scorpio.


The only major annoyance to me is when they decided to remove the optical port from PS4 slim, now that is outrageous.