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Generations are not delineated by power but a predecessor/successor relationship of flagship consoles.

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In my opinion:
Does it get games (outside VR) which can't be played on the original XB1 and XB1s? Then the answer is yes.
Does it only play the same games (outside VR) as the XB1 and XB1s but with better graphics and framerates? Then the answer is no.
I don't care if it's 6TF, 12TF or 100TF, if a console just plays the same games as it's predecessor but with better graphics and better framerates I will never consider it a next-gen console. Scorpio = more powerful XB1 + VR.

Based on the info and specs we have so far I would say no, not next gen. A really great attempt at a mid gen upgrade though.

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Yeah same way the PS4 Pro and Switch are :^)

The performance equals a slow PC with a bad CPU and mediocre GPU. I wouldn't call that nextgen.

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It's as much next gen as the PS4 pro is.

etking said:
The performance equals a slow PC with a bad CPU and mediocre GPU. I wouldn't call that nextgen.

Still it's the most powerful console to date now. By that logical we would still be in first generation haha

Comparing to Nintendo generational spec increases is not apples to apples, as Nintendo has not gone for big spec jumps since Game Cube.

I think comparing PS and Xbox generations is more appropriate. Without researching the numbers it seems like this still only qualifies as a mid-gen upgrade not a new generation compared to the change in specs from Xb og to 360 and from 360 to Xb one.

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Panama said:
Yeah same way the PS4 Pro and Switch are :^)

Eh, Switch will have games only available for it. Scorpio will share its entire library with the X1. So, under that criteria, Switch is 9th, while the latter is 8th still. 

SpokenTruth said it best.


Microsoft are done with generations so it's just a new xbox.